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Happy 3/13! Check Out This Export-Only Chrysler 313 A-block As It Sings On The Dyno!

Happy 3/13! Check Out This Export-Only Chrysler 313 A-block As It Sings On The Dyno!

After 1967, tracking Chrysler V8 engine families is easy: LA (small-block), B (low-deck big block), RB (raised-deck big block) and Hemi. Prior to 1967, though, things get a little more complicated, because now you are bringing in the A-series engine, the Poly engines, the early-B big-blocks, and so on and so forth. The A-engine is what we will focus on today…a direct predecessor to the LA engine family, the A-engine series appeared in 1956 with a bang as a Plymouth-only engine line, with the top-of-the-line 303ci mill showing up in the Plymouth Fury, quickly becoming a monster of a mill in the finned era. The 318-A is the most common form, running for ten years between 1957-67, and appearing in not only Plymouths but in other Chrysler products after 1959, Bristol 409 and 410 sports cars through 1969, and Checker Aerobus airport wagons in the early-to-mid Sixties.

Then you have the oddball, the 313-A. Technically a 312.5 cubic inch mill, the 313 was a Canadian and export mill that sported the common 3.31″ stroke paired up with a 3.88 bore. You would find this engine in Canada and Australian cars, as well as Bristol 407s and 408s. In the Bristols, the engine would make 250 horsepower stock with a four-barrel setup. What do you think this rebuilt and restored 313 is making? Take your guesses! Either way, this mill was returning to a 1963 Dodge 330 station wagon, so it should be a solid cruising mill for years to come!

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3 thoughts on “Happy 3/13! Check Out This Export-Only Chrysler 313 A-block As It Sings On The Dyno!

  1. KCR

    Poly’s are great engines.Just no real after market for them . Aftermarket 4bbl intakes are $700.00.Cast iron intakes are $500.00.Just a very good high torque engine. A few parts from the LA’s will fit a poly.I like them a lot.If you aren’t afraid of them. They make Mopar cars a bargain.Just too bad they didn’t make them here in a few larger sizes

  2. Gary L Pavlovich

    The ubiquitous 318 Poly is an excellent engine that will make more HP & Torque compared to it\’s LA sibling using the same spec parts because of the superior Polyspherical combustion chamber; faster flame front, 164 BMEP compared to the 426 HEMI 173 BMEP…even with the \”restrictive\” exhaust manifold and a demure [email protected]\” stock cam profile. Many LA parts make this unique-looking engine a viable powerplant. The following LA parts can turn the 1962-66 Poly 318 into a 390-426 cubic powerhouse; check out some exotic and just plain good-engineering work on the Poly in the last two Engine Master Challenges for eye-popping power. However, with just the \”basic\” 4\”LA Stroker crankshaft & rods you gain \”Big Block\” cubes for Big Block power. Good hand-porting and our trick CNC Poly porting from Hekimian Racing Engines makes killer CFM and extreme velocity under the entire curve; 210cfm on the intake side starts at .300\” lift and rockets to 267-271cfm @ .500\” & .600\” lift with equally sizeable gains on the exhaust side also. Poly Street Stroker are simple and easy to build making a constant 410-425HP & 430-480ft.lbs. of torque all under 6000rpm…best indigneous Mopar engine made for the B & C Body Mopars in my opinion. Check out the Rodney Dangerfield – Poly 318 build in the old Mopar Muscle archives or Hot Rod.

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