Video: Here Are 10 Homemade Log Splitters That Are More Dangerous Than Russian Roulette

Video: Here Are 10 Homemade Log Splitters That Are More Dangerous Than Russian Roulette

(By Greg Rourke) – I don’t know how many times I’ve thought to myself  “I could really use a bunch of firewood. Also, I’m tired of having so many fingers and limbs. I wonder what my deductible is for emergency room visits?”  Here we have some guys who put a lot of thought into ways to split wood, maybe not so much concern for safety.

First we have a slowly rotating shaft with a gnarly looking claw to split the wood. Looks pretty unforgiving, but at least it’s moving slow.

Then we have real exercise in disregard for body parts. A giant flywheel with a splitter whipping around at the speed of sound. Speaking of sound, this thing whacking the wood sounds like Bernies dead body hitting navigation bouys in the 80s flick Weekend At Bernies. Our intrepid operator is wearing safety glasses and hearing protection, perhaps to offset the Jellys on his feet.
Next we have a giant hit and miss engine because open flywheels and installing a belt on a running engine might be the safest part of this operation. Wait til you see how fast the splitting wedge hits the wood and how fast you better get your fingers the hell out of the way.
Finally we some sort of grindy thing. Not sure what one uses the finished product for, but it might be the safest machine we’ll see today.
Hmm…it’s almost spring, maybe I don’t need firewood after all.

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3 thoughts on “Video: Here Are 10 Homemade Log Splitters That Are More Dangerous Than Russian Roulette

  1. Matt Cramer

    On the one driven by a hit and miss engine, it looks as if the splitter part was made out of a second hit and miss engine with the cylinder head removed and a wedge stuck to the piston.

    With none of those having anything like an E-stop, I’d rather go with a safer splitting method, like dynamite. Although it looks like the first one might be possible to put a brake on it.

  2. Jay Bree

    The first one looks safe. The hit and miss needs a reduction in cycle time.

    I’d use the first one. I don’t see the point in the last one unless one needed a mechanical beaver.

  3. ratty

    1st one… I like it! Nice and slow and gets the job done with little drama
    2nd one.. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite as idiotic, the guy obviously has either serious mental deficiencies, or is just straight up stupid
    3rd one… Pretty neat old antique splitter… but yeah, putting the belt on while it’s running is why they don’t make those anymore, otherwise, works pretty decent
    4th one… I don’t even know what the point of that is… Maybe it’s just some kind of giant juicer, making bark smoothies to sell to the hipsters

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