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Just Doing My Duty: Ripping Burnouts In A Military-Owned Aussie Ford LTD!

Just Doing My Duty: Ripping Burnouts In A Military-Owned Aussie Ford LTD!

During my time in the military, I drove a whole host of vehicles. HMMWVs, the FMTV series of trucks, the huge 8×8 Oshkosh HEMTTs, among others. What did they all have in common? They were all diesel powered, they were all automatic transmission equipped, they all could off-road like nobody’s business, and they all were slow. Not “because it’s a truck” slow…they were just slow, period. Even the LMTVs, which were running turbocharged CAT inline-sixes, weren’t too quick on the uptake when you laid into the throttle…unless you knew which civilian contractor to kiss up to so that the governor could be deleted (whoops, did I say that out loud?)

At no point, however, was there ever any kind of duty like what this member of the Australian Defence Force gets to enjoy. He’s the wheelman and caretaker of this 1978 Ford LTD P6, a high-trim version of the Ford Fairlane, Australia’s biggest Ford sedan. Finding one of these big beasts isn’t easy: there were just under 6,000 made. We can’t get over that it looks like a mid-1970s Torino and a Chrysler Cordoba had a love child, but we can ignore that for the 460-based mill and the fact that this big barge can haze them off with the best of them. The high mark is that this is the guy’s job…he is actually paid to go out and roast the tires off of a repurposed luxury sled. Nice!

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2 thoughts on “Just Doing My Duty: Ripping Burnouts In A Military-Owned Aussie Ford LTD!

  1. john t

    yep saw this car at one of the Clipsal 500’s (V8 Supercar race in Adelaide, South Aust.) but I wouldn’t have called them uncommon.. Marquis’, P5’s and P6’s are often used as donors as they typically have 351 Cleveland, FMX and 9″ rear. I bought a rusty but still road rego’d one a few years ago for $450. Pulled the 351 out, that’s in my XB coupe. Kept the wheels, sold them for $350 – a bunch of other bits n pieces got me a few hundred more, and sold the carcass for $500…so I made a profit of around $1,000 on it and a free 351 !! Only now do people seem to be seeing them for their own worth, seeing more and more of them being done up in their own right…

  2. Chris In Australia

    Its turned up and been laughed at on top of Mt Panorama for the Bathurst 1000 race. I’ve never seen it do decent burnout there.
    Still, unlike the Mustang convertible ‘burnout’ car, it didn’t end up bogged in the sandtrap, while several thousand Holden supporters offered helpful advice.

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