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Made In Nigeria: Take A Quick Look At Some Of The Classic Car Culture In Africa

Made In Nigeria: Take A Quick Look At Some Of The Classic Car Culture In Africa

I can tell you where Nigeria is geographically, but I can’t tell you much else about the country in Africa without sounding like I’m plagiarizing the Wikipedia article. It’s just one of those things…there are some countries you don’t pay attention to unless you are traveling there, or you know someone there, or you hear about that particular place on the news. Nigeria is one of those places. There isn’t much that the country has that crosses my path. I’m not meaning to be harsh about it, just honest. I don’t know what Nigerian food tastes like, I’ve never been to that area of the world, and there isn’t anything in the automotive realm from the country that has ever grabbed my attention. Honestly, I would’ve simply believed that tons of Japanese trucks, European cars and the random American import composed the entirety of the car scene in Nigeria, none of which would be BangShift-worthy on their own. But that’s just an educated guess…just like other locations in the world, where the automobile has arrived, there is usually a fan doing their best to keep them going.

I would’ve never expected the collection that you will see here. A Mercedes 300SL roadster, an early Porsche 911, a 1972 Dodge Charger SE and what appears to be a W124-era Mercedes-Benz, all living in the region of Lagos, Nigeria. Three Germans and a very unexpected American machine living in the southwest of Nigeria along the Gulf of Guinea, all supported by individuals who care for the vehicles, who maintain them, who are working to restore them. We’d love to know more about the cars themselves, and the stories behind the vehicles, but for now, allow yourself a quick glimpse into what the car scene in a corner of the world you probably don’t think much about can be.

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3 thoughts on “Made In Nigeria: Take A Quick Look At Some Of The Classic Car Culture In Africa

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie


    I’ve never seen such a pile of unroadworthy shit in the same place – I just hope these cars get restored and this isn’t some sort of Nigerian suicide club.

  2. LoneWolf 573

    Hi, I’m Nigerian prince. If you please send me moneys so I can work on my car, I will send you double back when I sell it————–sound good ?

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