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No, Not The Minivan: This Overkill-Built Honda Odyssey Rips Like None Other!

No, Not The Minivan: This Overkill-Built Honda Odyssey Rips Like None Other!

How in the hell did I forget about the Honda Odyssey that doesn’t suck? During my early days, I was learning how to throw dirt bikes and three-wheelers around but the holy grail for me at the time was the Honda Odyssey, a machine that is somewhere between a go-kart and today’s modern UTVs in setup. They ran an engine that hovered around 300cc in size, had a one-speed automatic with a reverse gear, and looked like a tube-frame rally car in the making. Since this was about the time I started watching any kind of rally footage, the urge was even greater…something small and nimble to drive around on the dirt trails I was practicing on that was significantly smaller than the beaters that somehow wound up going down those same trails in the name of wanton destruction. I haven’t thought about FL350Rs since…what, maybe 1998, when I got my Caprice? Had to be, once the car appeared that was actually going to drive on the street, why did I need an oversized go-kart?

Why, indeed. From the guys that brought you the most psychotic Hot Wheels Barbie Mustang on the planet, we bring to you their latest creation. A Polaris snowmobile gave up it’s guts to provide this Odyssey with 130 horsepower worth of performance. You can check out the build videos if you want, but you have to see this thing move the hell out. A light tap of the thumb throttle churns the dirt. A heavier dose of throttle and this thing roosts dirt like a built Honda 250R on paddles and accelerates like a sport bike. It’s a home-brewed contraption that I’d pay good money to try out for myself. This is exactly how I expected an Odyssey to behave…a tachometer that’s climbing like a mountaineer, the angry hornet exhaust note, and the smell of freshly-turned dirt wherever I lay into the throttle. I love this thing and can’t wait to see these guys finish this thing off properly. You know, less zip-ties and sketchy fuel tank placement and all that…

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2 thoughts on “No, Not The Minivan: This Overkill-Built Honda Odyssey Rips Like None Other!

  1. MGBChuck

    Looks like BIG FUN! Never have seen a better idea then making sure it had a kill switch before testing, ROFL. Wonder what it weighs? (4.5lbs per HP?). If he survives sorting it out it should be great (paddle tires on some sand dunes might work). If you have to go, GO FAST!

  2. Aaron

    These came in 2 flavors, the early ones had a 250cc (FL250) with just j-arm front suspension. The later models (FL350) had a 347cc engine, fully independent suspension J-arm front semi-trailing arm rear. These are not single speed, but have a CVT instead. The last model the FL400 (Honda Pilot) 397cc (later debored I believe), double a-arm front and rear suspension. These buggies were ahead of their time and it\’s a shame they were discontinued. They are better than anything Honda, Polaris, Kawasaki, Yamaha have today.

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