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He Didn’t Blow The Welds: Check Out The Damage A 50-shot Of Spray Did To A Prius!

He Didn’t Blow The Welds: Check Out The Damage A 50-shot Of Spray Did To A Prius!

Here’s a bit of a tip: when your on-call mechanic friend starts laughing at the damage in your engine bay, you did good.

A little bit ago, we got a quick laugh courtesy of Tyler Hoover. The dude owns a Toyota Prius that’s dolled up to emulate the Toyota Supra from the first Fast and Furious movie as part of his gig with Autotrader. He decided to have some fun with the Prius…a little more than a normal Prius owner would dare have. He actually had the cojones to have a 50-horse shot of nitrous plumbed into the Ultimate Virtue-Signalling Machine and went out to see if maybe a tiny bit of the good stuff could let the inner delinquent of a Prius out. Could the little soap bar of a car get rowdy? Well…no. Not even close. The moment he hit the button, Tyler got one second of what looked like honest acceleration…then the 1.5L four-banger let go not with a whimper, but with one hell of a bang and the shrapnel trail that said “expensive day at the shop”. When you are picking up the oil filter from the road, with part of the engine block still attached, that you RAN OVER…yeah, might want to call a friend and celebrate the news.

Honestly, we’re sharing this because a lot of you really seemed to like the fact that the Prius died the drag racer’s death and we’re willing to bet that a lot of you want to see the necropsy. Yeah, you knew that the engine in the Prius shit the bed in spectacular fashion…the camera’s microphone picked up the moment of “ka-boom!” But what all happened? How big was the hole in the block? Did anything else get killed in the process? Can you fit your hand through the hole? Those kinds of questions and more will be answered in this video.

Oh, and he’s rebuilding the Prius. Tyler, can we make a suggestion? How about scoring the 1.8L four from a late-model Toyota Celica and ditching the hybrid crap for good? Lighten the car up and add a bit fun to an otherwise joy-less turd of a machine. You already riffed the Fast and Furious look, you might as well add power too!

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10 thoughts on “He Didn’t Blow The Welds: Check Out The Damage A 50-shot Of Spray Did To A Prius!

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Unfortunately the pile of yellow shit did not explode in flames taking its idiot owner with it!

    1. Rad Ray

      It’s clearly not yellow dummy. Please bite the curb and await further instructions.

      1. Ray\'s mom

        Ray your an idiot. Prius\’ don\’t cost nowhere near the among your suggesting.
        What a tool

  2. Gary

    So who is this guy, exactly? Trust fund baby? Day trader? What does he do that benefits society?

  3. Greg

    The comments section on BangShift is getting brutal. It’s okay to have an unexpressed thought, or perhaps Yellow Bullet would be more to your liking.

  4. YourMom

    You bafoons. The guy is filling a niche on youtube for car video content. It\’s all tongue in cheek. Like it or not, the honesty of these light hearted videos are far, far better than the scripted, contrived, drama-laden reality shows that plagued TV for the last 15 years.

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