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Nostalgia Pro Stock Video: The Reher – Morrison Tribute Camaro Takes on the WJ Tribute Camaro

Nostalgia Pro Stock Video: The Reher – Morrison Tribute Camaro Takes on the WJ Tribute Camaro

Without a doubt, the next “big thing” in nostalgia race will be Nostalgia Pro Stock. We know of six cars across the country getting built and there are already a bunch of cool machines prowling around the country already. This video is evidence of the bad-assery this class has to offer with two iconic tribute cars hauling down the strip at Great Lakes Dragaway. 

We already have nostalgia front engine top fuel cars, now nostalgia floppers are sweep the nation like wildfire, so nostalgia Pro Stock is the next logical step. It could get muddy deciding what “era” should be totally embraced, but we believe that the mid 1970s would be a perfect place. Allow the Lenco transmission and work engine rules that are grounded in the rule books of the era. Modern safety equipment but old school engine and trans combos along with killer bodies and side by side action, people will freak out from coast to coast.

Press play below and jump aboard the nostalgia Pro Stock bandwagon!


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7 thoughts on “Nostalgia Pro Stock Video: The Reher – Morrison Tribute Camaro Takes on the WJ Tribute Camaro

  1. gary

    Saw the little AMC Hornet beat the R&M car at Bowling Green last year. With AMC power.
    No, early ’70’s, iron blocks, period head design, period scoops, no electronics- that would be a great nostalgia pro stock series.

  2. Speedy

    that when the entire rest of the motorsports world competes with obsolete race cars, it’s called “vintage” racing but when drag racers do it, it’s “nostalgia?”

    Must be bacause those apparently illiterate brainiacs at Goodguys mis-labeled the sport in its infancy (I can criticize the Meadors family because I’m a dues-paying Goodguys member).

    “Nostalgia” is a stupid word for marketing the sport to anyone under age 30 because it connotes an appeal to shrinking numbers of greybeards who can still remember the old days. On the other hand, “vintage” connotes something that’s being lovingly preserved because of its inherent quality and timeless appeal.

    I say forget “nostalgia” and go for vintage drag racing.

    And if you’re going to do it right, don’t just run a pre-82 body over a bunch of current parts. Why would a vintage drag car run modern stuff like Convo-pro wheels and period incorrect long front overhangs? (see e.g. the cover car on Car Craft’s annual “Elapsed Times” vintage drag special at the newsstand)

  3. Speedy

    Considering that NHRA Pro Stock doesn’t allow engines as modern as what one can now buy in a showroom (no turbos, no four-valve heads, no overhead cams, etc.), one could argue that it is “nostalgia” racing (notwithstanding the freakish carbon fiber bodies and other hyper expensive technologies)

  4. gary

    Speedy is on to something here. Although, still, for me pre-82 would be one class, pre-72 perhpas another. To me, pro stock ended with the Mopar boycott.
    But “vintage” does have certain connotations to it which could help it grow and prosper…
    I can’t stand the “nostalgia” funnycars with the aero side panels, long snouts, etc. Vintage would demand historic accuracy.

  5. nxpress62

    I dunno, when I start thinking about cars like that that were different and not designed in wind tunnels and at engine dynos by computer programs i get pretty nostalgic…

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