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Quarantine Project Corner: Make Your Own BBS RS Wheel Out Of A Steel Wheel?

Quarantine Project Corner: Make Your Own BBS RS Wheel Out Of A Steel Wheel?

How’s your extended cabin fever going? Hopefully you haven’t eaten all of the snacks yet, and that you are doing a proper job of rationing the toilet paper you may have been hoarding. Quick question: how many of you are treating this semi-voluntary situation as a vacation bestowed upon you thanks to someone who started coughing at work? Hopefully, you haven’t. Sure, take some time to relax…Lord knows many of us could use a breather with all of the BS that is going on in the world anymore. But that doesn’t mean you get a few weeks of doing absolutely nothing. Now is the time to maybe try something you wouldn’t have the time for. Plant a garden, read some books, learn something you wanted to learn. And maybe you should consider a constructive hobby to keep your hands busy during these times.

Leave it to the Russians from Garage54 to offer up a potential project for you to take on during the shutdown period. After finding a steel wheel laying around the shop and decide to replicate one of the most iconic wheels on the market, the BBS RS wheel. It’s hard to not look at an E30 era BMW and not imagine it sitting on a set of BBS wheels with their gold centers in place. It’s an iconic look. A set of brand-new BBS Super RS wheels will set you back about five thousand dollars, depending on size, and if you want something smaller than a 19″ wheel, you’re at the mercy of private sellers. Could you potentially make your own wheel? Well…you can. But should you? Watch the whole video, from start to finish, and see what you think.

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2 thoughts on “Quarantine Project Corner: Make Your Own BBS RS Wheel Out Of A Steel Wheel?

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