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Rallying Cry: The TUF253 Ford Escort At Summernats 33

Rallying Cry: The TUF253 Ford Escort At Summernats 33

Just about anywhere else in the world, the Mk1 Ford Escort is a treasure. Or a rally car. Maybe both. Okay, probably both. Small, light, lithe, and in the right hands wickedly potent, the Escort was the car to replace the Anglia, which had run it’s course and was starting to look like a 1955 Crown Victoria that someone shrunk in the dryer. Compared, the Escort was a handsome little brute, built to be the everyman’s Ford, sized perfectly for Europe. And then Cosworth became a thing, Escorts went racing and stomped wherever they went. Name the rally stage, and you can bet that a Mk.1 Escort has gone flying through it at speeds that would impress. And we haven’t even begin to touch upon the Escort Twin Cam that Alan Mann raced in the British Saloon Car Championship with a Formula 2 Ford engine under the hood.

Road racing, rally racing, movie star…and now, Australian burnout car. This machine has been around the block for a little bit but it looks prepared to be parked with the show cars or, at least, hazing a set of tires off on Tuff Street, not setting the skidpad on fire with the rev limiter taking a beating like none other. All we can say, from our seats in the States, is the same thing we always think: Why in the hell did we not get this instead of the Pinto?!

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2 thoughts on “Rallying Cry: The TUF253 Ford Escort At Summernats 33

  1. steve pearce

    So that’s how the wildfires started – dumb Aussies ruining a potentially valuable car by setting the back tyres alight!

    1. Shannon

      Grow a set of nuts and live a little Steve haha
      Cheers for the write up guys, just to upset people more that is a Holden v8 up front not a ford engine haha

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