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Roadkill Video: Finnegan and Freiburger + The Crusher Camaro and DF’s Super Bee = Thrashing And Burnouts!

Roadkill Video: Finnegan and Freiburger + The Crusher Camaro and DF’s Super Bee = Thrashing And Burnouts!

When Finnegan and Freiburger hit the road on a Roadkill adventure we know a couple of things. The first is that an semblance of a schedule is probably going by the wayside before the keys are actually placed in the ignition the first time. The second thing is that the time situation will continue to get worse from there on out. The third thing we know is that they get to drive some awesome stuff and this episode has two of Hot Rod’s most enduring project cars in the form of the Crusher Camaro and DF’s own Super Bee, which is the first car he ever bought as a kid.

The plan in this episode was to cruise the Crusher and the Bee from LA to Salt Lake City and run at the midnight drags event that the strip there in SLC holds. On the plus side, one of the two guys gets to run down the track even though the place was closing and it was 2AM. Along the way to the track they fight testy car issues, high heat, and fuel economy that makes oil companies consult their physicians due to a four hour boner situation. We’re pretty sure that neither car saw a double digit fuel economy number during the entire long journey from LA to SLC and SLC to home. We’re certainly not crying about that but their credit cards were!

It is cool to see these two well known cars out and about. This is another entertaining installment of Roadkill. Tune in….you’ll dig it!


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14 thoughts on “Roadkill Video: Finnegan and Freiburger + The Crusher Camaro and DF’s Super Bee = Thrashing And Burnouts!

  1. john

    Brian- Please explain to F&F what a vent window is and how they work. Turn those puppies around and savor the cool air! Ahhhhhh!

    1. Scott Liggett

      In the desert, it would be like turning on a hair drier and pointing it your face.

      It’s cool to see both cars get more mileage in one weekend than either of these have seen in twenty years.

  2. CharlesW

    when you’re driving thru the desert, there is no such thing as cool air, even when driving

  3. Terry Fritz

    the super bee wouldn’t have a chance against the Camaro! I had a 69, and a new 71 Z/28. I told them “you need Mopar” in those X cars to keep up! great video

  4. 75Duster

    Great episode, and that was a good score on the ramp truck. I liked Finnegan’s use of wrenches on the Camaro.

  5. Kenneth Steele

    7 mpg in the super bee doesn’t sound that bad. My 83 F 150 4×4 with a 351w only gets 9 in town and 13 on the highway. I have to drive my thirsty truck 6-7 months of the year because my home town of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada gets a lot of snow.

  6. Anonymous

    A meth joke (I hope it was a joke)? A prostitution joke? Potty mouths? A Corona “product placement” ad? Constant bragging about owning both cars? Perhaps this “Roadkill” was a good concept, but the direction and editing were POOR!

    And the high-nose stance of the Crusher Camaro is just awful.

    1. squirrel

      Direction? what makes you think they have direction? 🙂

      It’s ok if you don’t “get” the look of the Camaro, lots of us do

  7. nxpress62

    gotta agree a bit with anonymous. I love the crusher camaro and everything it represents, but that front end lift is awful… Also, never been a mopar guy, but the bee is wonderful in every way.

  8. Steve

    AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! Those guys have the best job!

    Absolutely love the “stinkbug” stance of the Rumble Bee, and the “nose-up” stance of the Camaro, I want the same with mine! very 80’s looks! Awesome!

    Freiburger definatly has some cool cars, but would love to see the F-Bomb in an episode of Roadkill! Lets see that thing do a roadcourse or something! And more burnouts!

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