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Roadkill VS Gas Monkey Garage? Yes, This Is Happening And Richard Rawlings (Profanely) Says So

Roadkill VS Gas Monkey Garage? Yes, This Is Happening And Richard Rawlings (Profanely) Says So

If you have been paying attention to the automotive social media world recently you may have seen the series of Tweets and FB postings that have been volleyed back and forth between Roadkill and Gas Monkey Garage. They have been taking some swipes at each other since Finnegan and Freiburger challenged the guys to a….errr…challenge. For a while it seemed like Richard Rawlings and crew were set to blow it off but now in a video that was released yesterday, Rawlings has accepted the challenge and done so in a profanity laced video that we have embedded below. No specifics have been given on the challenge but as Rawlings states, he doesn’t care what it is, he just wants to make the annoying Roadkill guys go away.

So long as it does not involve making something look good, making something operate with a hood permanently affixed, making something get somewhere on a very tight time schedule, making something comfortable, making something that does not leak, making something that you’d want your kids to ride in, making something where tetanus is less a chance and more a “when” type thing, making something that has four good tires, or making something that has hydraulics for suspension, we think that David and Mike have a good shot and cleaning house here. The van has been pretty good to those guys and vehicles like Finnegan’s ’55 continue to terrorize the highways and byways so we say the above in jest.

One thing we’re not joking about it our wish that they bury these guys and bury them good. Think they can do it?




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41 thoughts on “Roadkill VS Gas Monkey Garage? Yes, This Is Happening And Richard Rawlings (Profanely) Says So

  1. jerry z

    I think think this will be the best comedy show of the decade and who cares who wins!

  2. Sumgai

    I have GMG as much as I love Roadkill.

    Way more excited for the Roadkill/MightyCarMods crossover.

  3. mooseface

    I can’t wait to see Roadkill out-kludge Gas Chicken Garage!
    This is going to be fantastic!

  4. Grippo

    While I’m not denying the popularity of Roadkill, I just don’t get it. I‘m not a fan of doing things in a half-assed, slapped together way and then doing burn-outs and donuts in the dirt. The ’55 is cool, the Crusher is awesome and I am envious of the ramp truck but most of their shenanigans do not excite me at all. As for Gas Monkey….it’s a slick TV show, entertaining to a point but not much substance. Having said that, I will most likely give it 30 minutes of my lunch hour at some point.

    1. ColoradoKid

      Your problem is you are trying to make sense and give credence and credibility to that which has no credence or credibility that makes no sense and in fact is nothing more than manufactured and scripted drama with the intent to entertain …. all while selling you the viewer off as a commodity to the advertisers and sponsors involved .

      Ha ! And here you thought you were the consumer . Not quite . More like the consumable .

      In other words … stop trying to make sense of the senseless and accept it for what it is . Pathetic entertainment for the brian addled amongst us . Guaranteed your Excedrin demands will drop massively if you do .. wink wink

  5. ColoradoKid

    The real question should be [ as well as being very telling by its absence in the comments so far ] is ..

    Who in the $%&*$#%^ really gives a rats **** about either of these two reality TV idiots when in fact the only thing real about reality TV is the fact that everything is scripted [ including this pathetic attempt at creating conflict and drama ] and nothing is real

    Lemmings ! Thats who gives a damn . All to a number marching in lockstep like mindless drones to the corporate/entertainment drum beat !

    Christmas …. Aldous Huxley wasn’t just right [ ” Brave New World ” ] … the man was a goram Prophet !

    We’re begging for it [ Big Brother ] .. while ” Entertaining Ourselves to Death ” .. [ another book well worth reading ]

    1. MoparNutz


      No one cares about
      Your opinion…
      Colorado DoucheBag !!!!!!!!

  6. Jonathan

    I think they should do all of the racing styles he mentioned, minus going to the moon. A different prepped car for each, with one small exception. They have to use 1 motor for all of the events.

    I think that would make it pretty interesting.

  7. Scott

    GMG is a polished TV show, Roadkill is fun. Frieburger and Finnegan are both capable Mechanics who use Roadkill as an outlet for there childish side most of the time. Unless Dodge pollutes it with freebe stuff it could be fun. In a real challenge without the ability to open a catalog and use scrap/crap or junkyarded stuff on the fly……Roadkill hands down.
    I like what Jonathan is saying above for sure.

  8. Whelk

    I think it’s amusing how he pretends those guys are just some people on the internet he’s never heard of.

    1. john t

      so…the editors of Hot Rod magazine are blowhard mouthy pieces of crap?? gee, nowhere near as well known for their skills as you, eh?

  9. 3nine6

    Sorry guys, but I smell a rat (and not the good Chevy kind of rat). Roadkill’s recent sponsorship with Dodge and GMG’s previous association with same??? C’mon now….

  10. Lee

    Reality TV just proves over and over that Reality . . . the real world . . . is pretty boring. As stated already, there is nothing real about Reality TV.

  11. Ted

    Roadkill rules, normal guys.

    All these cable shows with tattooed idiotsticks, fake deadlines, the identical cast containing one skinny guy with attitude, one fat guy, one old guy, guy with corn fed inbred beard, in other words, same old packaging suck. And suck large.

    Sorry, carry on…………..

  12. maxwedgemike

    This is all play for the camera. Like I’m supposed to believe that Richard never picked up a hot rod magazine and doesn’t know who Frieburger is. Come on how can you trust someone that drinks Miller lite? This is all in good fun behind the cameras.

  13. Opee

    I think they should all fly to St. Louis, go to an area junkyard. Pick and build a vehicle from the junkyard using parts bought from the junkyard and at local auto parts stores (no parts ordered and shipped there), then compete in Dragweek and see who makes it.

  14. Tedly

    Wow. Apparently non of you guys remember that at least one Gas Monkey Garage car has been featured in Hot Rod.

    Of course this is a publicity stut on both sides! The question is: Is it entertaining?

    You never challenged your buddy at work to something stupid? You never talked shit to your friend when you guys were on opposing teams? Get real and come down off your high horses.

  15. JimmyM

    Hey, c’mon boys get real. Two reality shows pretending they are real life. Scripted shows with predictable results designed to get as much attention as possible. This is not 2 guys building cars, admittedly Roadkills Freiburger and Finnegan have the skills, but who knows how much work they do chasing parts and then wrenching, interns probably do all the work. Gas Monkey is just so much hype, does Richard even know how to weld? Watching Gas Monkey is just watching the Kardassians with tools, except Kim has a bigger booty. Roadkill is far less pretentious.

  16. ratty

    Roadkill is THE best automotive show EVER… it’s real down to earth normal guys who live and breath cars, real cars, cars the average Joe can afford and hot rod. They’re the definition of hotrodding… All Go and No Show all the way… the rest of so-called car shows are mostly just douchebags who are too full of themselves who claim to be hotrodders, but are too self-absorbed to be taken seriously about anything… Roadkill is the real deal, funniest guys ever, and pure entertainment if you’ve ever worked on your car

  17. omlas8

    Guys this is sooo scripted. This is Mr badguy Floyd Mayweather vs Mr goodguy Manny Pacquiao…the hype of good vs bad worked so much that people are so willing to buy the most expensive paperview ever. Now this is the Hot Rod edition. How can Richard and Aaron not know Frieburger… Gmg are the bad guys, roadkill boys are the goodguys even if they started this. It will be a big comedy and a lot of fun. Every one makes money specially the sponsors. I just hope its not gonna be as disappointing as Mayweather-Pacquiao fight.

  18. VonCramp

    Why can’t y’all just sit back and be entertained? As far as both shows being scripted…well, does it even matter? I’ve watched the non-scripted shows on Velocity channel. They are f-ing boring. The Guild (yawn). All Girls Garage (double yawn).
    I try to get something positive out of both shows while still being entertained. Richard for instance, is a great businessman. He doesn’t compromise when it comes time to making some dough. The Roadkill duo are doing what we all would love to do. Work on cars and drive the crap out of them on a ridiculous roadtrip. Y’all are so busy being judgemental that you are totally missing out on the good stuff. Most of you probably drive new (ish) Camaros and Mustangs anyways, which just makes you turn-key heros in my book. Whatever happened to loving cars and just finding enjoyment in what you do? Try having fun for once and don’t worry about who’s real and who’s not. Look at all the cool car stuff on t.v. and the Internet now. Try just enjoying it for once and maybe even learn something you ungrateful shits.

  19. Bill Hulings

    OPEE… You are brilliant! This is by far the BEST idea here. Now we can just hope.

  20. Brendon

    This is all for generating ratings, and judging by the amount of comments here, it’s going to work well. If this works out well, you can bet they’ll do this kind of thing with other folks, too.

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