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Screaming Dyno Video: Watch A Hot Rodded Two Stroke Outboard V8 Boat Motor Make 370+ HP!

Screaming Dyno Video: Watch A Hot Rodded Two Stroke Outboard V8 Boat Motor Make 370+ HP!

Ok, we have gotten run over with emails, tips, sky writing messages, and bricks thrown through the front window of BS Eastern World HQ regarding two stroke gas engine videos. Firstly, we agree that they are cool. Secondly, there isn’t a lot new about two stroke V8 gas engines. They have been used in outboard boat engine applications for a bunch of years. While we dug all the videos that were sent in to us from Reader-ville we went ahead and found one of the engines hard at work on a dyno in Sweden of all places. This engine is an Evinrude XP300 that began life as a 300hp pice for use hanging off the back of a boat. Because these engines are popular in boat racing applications, there are shops all over the world that will hot rod them for your racing needs. VM Performance in Sweden happens to be one of those places.

This engine has been cranked up to the tune of 373hp and over 340 lb/ft of torque. The revs sound insane because it is a two stroke but peak power actually happens at 6200 rpms and peak torque is happening at 5,200. Admittedly it sounds way cooler than that because of the fact that we’re talking about a two stroke engine. It is certainly weirdo looking (like all naked outboards) with the cylinder banks stacked vertically and its narrow “V” but the proof is in the pudding and this thing makes a lot of pudding!

Believe it or not, there are now bones stock “big block” outboards from the likes of Yamaha that match this racing engine in power. Yamaha’s 5.3L F350 engine is a 350hp 4-stroke piece that will shove a boat of nearly 30ft in length through the water at nearly 30 knots. If we had to make a guess, the Evinrude in the video was probably headed for either an outboard drag racing class or and outboard performance craft circuit style racer. Either way, whatever boat this is powering will haul some serious ass.


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12 thoughts on “Screaming Dyno Video: Watch A Hot Rodded Two Stroke Outboard V8 Boat Motor Make 370+ HP!

  1. Beagle

    man, what’s not to like about a V8 two stroke with 8 stacks! You gotta remember these things weigh virtually nothing. The noise and smell … the smell of money. I still get all messed up at the marina when a smoker goes by, you can smell it asking for money! When the V8 300’s came out many moons ago, other than being insanely expensive, the boat insurance monkeys refused to write a lot of them.

    I love your typo’s by the way – “Because these engines are popular in boar racing applications,”

    I bet the boar appreciates how light the ‘rude two stroke is compared to a 5.3l four stroke yamahog. I’m not sure about the hydro-dynamic qualities of a wild pig, however. Should be fun to watch!

  2. Spelling Mavin

    “Because these engines are popular in boar racing applications . . . .”

    We need more BOAR RACING on Bangshift . . . Just sayin’

  3. Marcus

    Actually, on a decent sized boar, you can throw two smaller engines on and get a little better fuel economy (economy being a relative term), and still get pretty high speeds. For racing applications, though, most classes are limited to one per boar.

  4. Rob

    Not sure about all that talk of boar racing?

    But the sound of that engine at 6500 – YEEHA.I can image getting pulled along bear footen up any river.

    Sounds like a great family/social boat type of engine.(maybe not for pussys)


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