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These Taiwanese Racers Have Turned Scooters Into Screaming Racers

These Taiwanese Racers Have Turned Scooters Into Screaming Racers

On the surface, it almost looks like a joke, doesn’t it? Two motor scooters, on thin tires, with small engines that have the angry wasp exhaust note, idling at the line with the riders suited up. We couldn’t begin to tell you anything about the bikes, but if either engine is bigger than 50cc, we will eat our hat. How fast can one of these things really be? The answer is surprisingly quick for one of the most basic forms of transportation. They don’t seem to have the hard hit off of the line (probably due to wide gearing) but once they wind up they are gone. We always wondered what would happen if I put a Honda 50cc engine onto a Huffy…now we know. If anybody knows any more about these flyweight racers, let us know!

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2 thoughts on “These Taiwanese Racers Have Turned Scooters Into Screaming Racers

  1. ColoradoKid

    Ahem … errr … McTaggert …hates to be the one to say this …. but them there’s Mopeds … not Scooters . They’s a big difference between a Scooter and a Moped ya knows … 😉

    But you think these are unique , exotic or in any way odd ? Head over to say …..KCMO and get a look first hand at the Moped Marauders . Choppers .. Cafe Racers … full blown Micro Racer replicas … micro Drag bikes etc . All built out of this Moped or that .

    Fact is … this sort of thing is happening across the entire Globe with many features [ print and online ] of late

    The other fact Bryan my young buck being : Radically modified Moped have been happening worldwide since at least the early 1950’s . Most folks attributing the origins of the species to Southern France .. post WWII

  2. Oliver

    Would you like some sauce to your hats? The first ones are definitely not 50cc.At least 80cc or 125cc. Last one? Yes, could be. Still impressive, though! 🙂

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