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Viper V10 Maverick Project Update Video – The Project Moves Ahead!

Viper V10 Maverick Project Update Video – The Project Moves Ahead!

Video guy Jason Lewis’s Ford Maverick that has been repowered with a Viper V10 is one of the nastiest home crafted projects we have seen in a while.  Jason is a regular schmo like the rest of us, so he isn’t tearing through the build at light speed, but with the recent generosity of a local shop owner, he has gotten a dusty corner of a restoration shop and a lift to work with, so his progress has moved into a plodding cadence we can all understand.

Last week we showed you a video of Jason’s car up on the lift with Mike Fennel the owner of the shop where it now lives and another buddy of Jason’s crawling all over it to find any flaws in the plan or missteps made in the early stages of the chassis work and physical foundation for the machine. Both guys came away happy and impressed with the work that Jason had already completed.

The next step was to pull that big V10 out of the engine bay to do some more welding, to clean all the rat shit and other stuff that has accumulated on top of the motor while it sat in his home garage. One thing to note is how massive the engine looks sitting on the engine stand when Jason rolls it over to show exactly how much crap was accumulated under the intake manifold by vermin!

We’re going to keep close tabs on Jason’s progress and update you whenever he releases new video. The guy is damned talented with respect to video work and he is obviously handy with a wrench and a welder, too. BangShift approved!

Press play to check in on Jason’s progress with this cool project!

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6 thoughts on “Viper V10 Maverick Project Update Video – The Project Moves Ahead!

  1. jbsjunk

    Like the clip length as is. Longer would be nice, but things would get lost if it were a 1/2 or hour clip.

    Nice job, now the dog can have it’s food back.

  2. john

    Would dog food through the engine act like walnut shells thrown into a jet engine to clean the compressor blades? New uses for everyday items.

  3. nikkebakken

    Keep up the good work, though I´m not that big a fan of swapping ford-engines for something else, this one is very interesting.

  4. Joe Miller

    I like the short frequent format, keeps me motivated to move on my own stuff and keeps the build fresh. I like the attitude you display, quiet determination.

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