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Wild Video: European Big Rig Wheelstander Performance Ends Badly

Wild Video: European Big Rig Wheelstander Performance Ends Badly

European showman and stunt driver Steve Murty is behind the wheel of his big Scammell truck wheelstander. This baby is nothing like the sprightly tube chassis wheel standers that we often see at drag strips. Nope, this lumbering giant is a full scale truck with what has to be an absolute load of weight hanging off the back to get it to stand up on command and boy does it stand up.

As the title indicates, the lift off part of the performance is no sweat. Even steering the truck around a corner of the road course where the performance is taking place goes without a hiccup, but touching down a massive truck, at a good rate of speed, with the wheels turned is not a good career move for a wheelstander pilot.

The truck was working on what seems to be a road course because you’ll note that he gets the rig up on its hind legs to start and then has to immediately get on steering the thing before it goes into the grass. After he gets the truck squared up (with the front end way up in the air) he is on a pretty good run..and then the end comes.

We read that he came through the incident ok, but his pride must have been damaged.







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2 thoughts on “Wild Video: European Big Rig Wheelstander Performance Ends Badly

  1. Loren

    Whoops. My moved-on-from/probably-never-gonna-happen-but-who-knows street wheelstander project included a plan for a dashboard indicator of how the wheels were steered as a prominent feature, as well as a disengage-able locker diff with small additional rr brake calipers that activated individually off the steering once the front suspension hit the down bumpstop. Would require some tuning, not having it dialed in would likely produce above result. Gotta think about that stuff.

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