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Wreck Video: When Co-Driver Indecision Causes Rally Havoc

Wreck Video: When Co-Driver Indecision Causes Rally Havoc

This video is from the Targa Tasmania, a race three times as wild as the name would suggest. You’ll see what happens when a codriver and driver lose communication for only just a half a second. This car gets some serious hang time, and the landing is not pillow soft. Make sure to wait for the part when the kid talks about the fences. Here’s one more piece of video that proves that things got from bad to really bad in a split second when rallying!

The co-driver is lucky that she did not lose her arm as she seemed to be holding it out the window or bracing it on the roll cage. The strength of the impact is really seen when the a second camera angle, aiming at the driver and co driver (or pilot and co-pilot as the case may be) shows them leaving the road, flying through the air, and then crashing down in the field. As the driver says, they were very lucky that this was not a tree-lined portion of the course as they would have been in some major league trouble hitting the woods at those speeds!


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2 thoughts on “Wreck Video: When Co-Driver Indecision Causes Rally Havoc

  1. John T

    Targa racing is my very favourite form of racing in Australia. There are targas run in most states including South Ast where I live – nothing better than chasing it through the hills finding good vantage points to watch everything from Falcon GT’s , Monaro’s, V8 Carpri’s etc, right up to the exotics like Lambo’s and stuff. It runs as a nationwide series, and while the video here is good it pales in comparison with some of the roads they cover…have a look at this lot (includes a bit of your video) – WARNING – contains every Aussie’s favourite word on many occasions – sorta sounds like `fark’

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