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Virginia Man’s Car Skewered By Guardrail In Wreck And He Emerges Completely Unscathed

Virginia Man’s Car Skewered By Guardrail In Wreck And He Emerges Completely Unscathed

(Photos by VA State Police) – We’ve all had an automotive close call in our driving lives. Maybe it was when you were horsing around with buddies and you lost the handle on the car, narrowly avoiding a wreck. Maybe it was when you were fixing a pal’s car and a tire fell off when you were test driving it because you forgot the lug nuts, or maybe those were only things that happened to me. Either way, Virginian Jacob Henley will have a story for the rest of his life that trumps anything you and I could dream up because he lived through the disaster you see above and from multiple angles below. Henley’s car was completely skewered by the guardrail and he lived. Not only did he live, he managed to walk away unhurt and you’ll be floored when you hear how.

The guy hit a tractor trailer on one side of the highway and the car careened across the median and caught the end of the guardrail on the other side perfectly square. Luckily for Henley, he was thrown to the passenger side of the car before the impact with the guardrail. We say luckily because fire fighters and response people on the scene said that the head rest was cleaned off by the steel spear as it passed through the car. He would have been quite literally headless had he been in that seat.

Physically, he was unscathed but according to WTCB.com, police were going to charge him with reckless driving, lack of insurance, driving on a revoked license, expired plates and here’s the kicker…not wearing a seatbelt. If he had the belt on, he’d be dead but it would probably have been cheaper than the fines he has coming. (For the record we’re not in the “seatbelts are dangerous” crowd….but this is one of those million to one cases where they sure as heck would have been!)


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8 thoughts on “Virginia Man’s Car Skewered By Guardrail In Wreck And He Emerges Completely Unscathed

  1. john

    As for the no seatbelt ticket, the troopers were pissed so they were just piling on. Surprised they didn’t write him for driving the wrong way. Hey guys you still have 30 days

    1. Gary Smrtic

      Give it a rest, John! For christsakes the guy had a freakin’ REVOKED license! You don’t get a revoked license for being a good driver. The guy is a menace to society. Cops would have done us all a favor if they’d just shot the guy…

  2. 440 6Pac

    I think I would have let the guy slide on the seat belt. I don’t know abut Virginia but in Georgia the revoked license charge will put him away for about a year on his first conviction and 5 years on each conviction after.
    But maybe they could just shoot the guy and save tax payers money.

    1. Burner303

      Virginia is one of the worst states to get caught doing anything wrong, motor vehicle wise. They are extremely strict with everything.

  3. cyclone03

    Not that it matters….
    in court could you not use the crash pictures to prove that the lack of seat belt use ,in this case, was the safest thing to do ? wouldn’t matter in the end .

    How about ” I removed the seatbelt and layed on the seat”?

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