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VOTE NOW! Our Buddies At Hammerhead Are In The Running For SEMA’s LaunchPad Competition

VOTE NOW! Our Buddies At Hammerhead Are In The Running For SEMA’s LaunchPad Competition

While everyone in the country is constantly bitching about manufacturing and innovation being dead in the United States, our buddy Jeff Lee and his dad have thrown caution to the wind and are proving otherwise. Hammerhead is a completely bolt in Bill E. Badass 12 bolt center section for 5th Gen Camaros, late model independent suspension Mopars, and much much more. Because Jeff’s dad Fred has more than 40 years of pattern making experience, the idea of designing and creating a new center section like this didn’t phase him at all. After putting everything they had into the design, engineering, and foundry operations to have these built, the Hammerhead brand was born. Now, SEMA is holding a LaunchPad contest where young companies, with owners under the age of 40, are competing for over $100,000 worth of marketing, PR, logistics, and much much more. These Hammerheads are made exclusively in the USA and this is the kind of shot in the arm that can really propel a company like the Lee’s. Help them out by voting now at the link below!



What we love about Hammerhead, and are not alone on, is that they have created a product that fills a need, is designed, engineered, and manufactured in the Unites States, and that proves we still have smart people around here willing to work hard and make a difference. Jeff happens to be a guy that has worked in the aftermarket for several years and thanks to his contacts he was able to identify and reach customers in need of this type of product. Upgrading the rear end in an independent suspension car can be frustrating to say the least, and the Hammerhead has provided a solution for many people already, including the team at Detroit Speed and Engineering who use and recommend Hammerheads to customer with 5th Gen Camaros looking for the strongest and best performing rear around. It’s hard to argue with an endorsement like that, since Ryan Mathews regularly thrashes their Hammerhead Equipped White Monster Camaro.

For those of you looking for independent suspension in your muscle car, hot rod, or street machine, don’t fret. Hammerhead is currently working with Street Shop Inc, and Hot Rods and Custom Cycles on several project with the Hammerhead. There are also crossmembers and dropin kits being developed by both companies.

If you have a custom application or shop that wants to develop parts or a project using the Hammerhead, please contact them directly as they would love to work with you. CLICK HERE TO VISIT HAMMERHEAD's WEBSITE

REMEMBER, Jeff and the gang at Hammerhead need your votes, so vote for young creative business, vote for brave young forward thinkers, vote for American manufacturing being alive and well. CLICK HERE TO VOTE




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3 thoughts on “VOTE NOW! Our Buddies At Hammerhead Are In The Running For SEMA’s LaunchPad Competition

    1. CTX-SLPR

      Because they aren’t myopic and actually have some sense to replace the limited gear selection Merc IRS center section with something stronger when they step the power up. Now why would they put this in vs. any of the other kits out there (i.e. the Pro60 IRS that I would guess you are most prominently referencing since a DANA 60 is somehow a Mo’Par part) to do the same thing? That I can’t answer…

  1. Jeff Lee

    We’ve heard this criticism from the old school Mopar faithful at Mopar Nationals, forums, etc. and I get it. Why didn’t you do a Dana 60 or an 8 3/4″?

    Well honestly we designed HammerHead for Camaro/Corvette first and then Mopar LX and Viper guys started asking us to make it for them. So we’re adapting it for them as the market dictates. And honestly the younger crowd that is into these cars don’t really care what’s in it so long as it works and survives. The German built Getrag unit that comes in those Chrysler LX cars stock basically explode if you give them enough power and traction. These cars are all about 4000lbs. I hear there is a new HD setup in the Hellcat, but we don’t know exactly what that is or if it will be available as a catalog part. But regardless, HammerHead can allow a Camaro/LX Chrysler/Vette/Viper guy to use proven and generally available (less expensive) parts with an assortment of gear ratios (3/4/5 series gears), and posi units (Eaton TrueTrac or Wavetrac), or even a spool.

    As noted in the video we are also developing this for 8.8″ Ford gear sets as well because that is a popular gear set still in production on the OEM side. Another benefit is that due to pinion angle the 12 bolt ring & pinion is 3% more efficient than a 9″ Ford. So at 800+ RWHP and all things being equal, you’re looking at potentially 25 RWHP gift! The 9″ Ford kits are really strong but the LX Chrysler one requires you to section your rear subframe to make it fit so there is a pretty big commitment with that. And the Dana 60’s are just huge and heavy. This is very close to stock weight in the Camaro.

    Thanks to Chad and to Bangshift for the support. We hope to make it into the contest, and if not, we’ve got still some really cool stuff coming by PRI show!

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