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Treasure Trove Of Cool Fords For Sale: GT-500 Mustang, 351 Cleveland Ranchero With 4-Speed, Trucks, Mustangs, Bitchin Van’

Treasure Trove Of Cool Fords For Sale: GT-500 Mustang, 351 Cleveland Ranchero With 4-Speed, Trucks, Mustangs, Bitchin Van’

It was about two weeks ago that we told you about a massive auction that is coming soon in the center of the country to sell off the amazing parts collection and old cars of a Ford enthusiast that has passed into the great flathead land in the sky. Well here comes another load of cool Ford stuff from another deceased owner that will be sold off at the end of April. This time the stash is in Pennsylvania and while not as epic on the parts side as the one we have linked to in this story, the cars are the real story here. The dude who amassed this “small” (by Leno standards) collection sure knew what he was doing with an option sheet. The Shelby is a 4-speed and it is in awesome condition, he’s got a custom Ford van with a three speed stick in it, and some other stuff but to us, the coolest car in the joint is a 1971 Ranchero with a 351-Cleveland engine and a factory four speed! That has to be a relatively rare combo.

The Shelby will surely bring the biggest money out of the entire sale and for good reason. The car has 1,800 miles on it, wears the original tires and original everything else, frankly. The interior looks as good as it the did it rolled out of the back of the Ford factory and it has not been on the road since 1973. The car has 40 years of dust on it, but other than that seems like it would shine up to be a (literally) shining example of a 1969 Shelby GT-500 Mustang. The car is obviously powered by a 428 Cobra Jet engine and thankfully it is backed with a four speed. Perfecto!

The Ranchero was driven lots more than the Shelby because it has some 52,000 miles on it and even that is comically low for a car that is over 40 years on the planet. We’re not sure if this car has the H-code two barrel 351 or the M-code four barrel engine. As lots of people say, the two barrel heads are more streetable than the larger four barrel heads due to their smaller ports, increased low RPM torque, and mid-range power. The four barrel heads had humongo ports and made peak horsepower at like 5,500 RPM which was pretty high for a factory engine at that time, especially a V8.

Other stuff of interest is a sweet, sweet Ford van with murals, the little bubble windows, and enough 1970s kitsch that it will probably bring some solid money at the auction. There is a clean-as-a-whistle 5.0L LX Fox Mustang, a couple of motorcycles and some bitchin’ Ford trucks. The trucks are a 1964 and a 1966, both are F100s, and both are barn fresh looking enough to simply get running and roll as they sit. ¬†There’s also a lawn tractor but no one cares about that by me, so you can see it for yourself at the link below. We have a sample of photos but there are a TON more at the actual estate auction link which is posted below.

If you are a Ford fan, you may want to get yourself to PA and tour this sale. Like we said, this isn’t a Leno sized collection but it is a fantastic group of cars and trucks that we sure wouldn’t throw out of the garage here at BS headquarters!

Scroll down to see a sample of photos from the sale and then hit the link for the actual page for the sale with the mother load of info and pics!

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5 thoughts on “Treasure Trove Of Cool Fords For Sale: GT-500 Mustang, 351 Cleveland Ranchero With 4-Speed, Trucks, Mustangs, Bitchin Van’

  1. Piston Pete

    Looks much more like an accumulation than a collection. The van, LX and Ranchero are muy bueno. I could care less about the Shelby, let the rich guys duke it out over that.
    That 60 Sporty is right up my alley, my first scoot was a 67 XLCH basket case, what a mess. The one in the auction is cherry compared to the pos I started with. I might go try to buy that, relive the Summer of Enlightenment. Damn, come to think about it I had a 74 Econoline when the kids were small. Better buy ‘em both. Thanks to Brian and Chad for helping me keep the way-back machine hummin’.


    The Shelby will be left as is and put into a “collection” because dirt is now valuable. What a effing waste. The Ranchero is cool but seems to be missing parts and it is Pa so I wonder how them floors look. I dig that van and the vintage HD. I wouldnt mind the 93 Sportty either, that could be a kick in the ass with a big bore kit and heads. The rest of the accumulation of junk is strictly MEH by my standars…..

  3. crazy canuck

    If the ranchero has a close ratio toploader like my 70 ranchero the 4bbl cleveland works just fine. also I dont think you could get a GT with a shaker hood and a 2 bbl, but who knows back in the early 80s I parted out a rotten 429 4spd country squire

  4. Jay Bree

    Accumulation, collection it’s all good. Some very nice machinery there. I wish there was a better shot of the vintage Cub Cadet that’s peeking thru in one of the photos.

    The Mustang is awesome, the Ranchero likewise. There’s going to be some happy buyers .


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