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Lucky’s Rod Run to the Chicken Oil Company 2014 – A Texas Sized Rod Run!

Lucky’s Rod Run to the Chicken Oil Company 2014 – A Texas Sized Rod Run!

(Words and photos by Charles Wickam) – It is funny how things happen some time. Almost 20 years ago William Lucky of Conroe, Texas happened upon a great restaurant called The Chicken Oil Company. The walls were full of cool old stuff and it had the vibe and feel of a place that hot rodders and car guys would love to hang out. He thought so much of it that he organized a cruise to the eatery. From what we can gather, 15 cars made that first trip almost two decades ago, now the event attracts hundreds and hundreds of vehicles and they’re all cool in their own way. Muscle cars, restored 1950s classics, traditional rods, ratty looking street machines, it doesn’t matter. If you have a car you love and you enjoy good food, this is your jam. Apparently people come from all over Texas to participate and the event has become a true winter “destination” type deal.

There’s no judging, no awards, no trophies, just good people and good food coupled with cool cars. If that isn’t a BangShifty formula for success we’re not quite sure what is. Charles Wickam attended the event and blasted this great gallery of photos you can see below. We recommend taking your time and cruising through the whole batch because (a) work sucks and we want to help you avoid doing any of it and (b) chances are, where you live there isn’t a cool automotive event happening for months from this point. Soak in the cool Texas vibe (both literally and figuratively) of Lucky’s Road Run to the Chicken Oil Company and thank us later!

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