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The Race Of Gentlemen, aka TROG, May Be The Most Nostalgic Race On Earth And We Love It!

The Race Of Gentlemen, aka TROG, May Be The Most Nostalgic Race On Earth And We Love It!

(Photos by Kobus Reyneke) The word Nostalgia, or Nostalgic, is often over used and many times is just replacing the world “old”. That is not the case with The Race of Gentlemen. The organizers describe it this way. “The Race of Gentlemen, or TROG as it is affectionately called, is a multi-day celebration that pays tribute to the early days of racing. Purpose built pre & post war vehicles flood the beaches and battle the tide during this mechanical commemoration. 

These purveyors of speed test the limits of machines built in their home garages or back yards, from across the land! These engineers pilgrimage to the Wildwoods once a year for some good, clean, old fashion fun!

This is “our” American Heritage.

This is… The Race of Gentlemen.”

What the organizers fail to mention is the purity of this event. Its simplicity is its purity and we love that about this event. And it truly is an event. There is so much more than just a race going on, although the action on the beach is arguably some of the coolest stuff you’ll see on a beach all summer!

Held in Wildwood, New Jersey, TROG includes Friday night’s Chopper Party, Saturday and Sunday’s Customs by the Sea Car Show, Saturday and Sunday Races on the beach, and Saturday’s insane Bonfire Party.

Thankfully Kobus Reyneke was there shooting photos like a mad man and was gracious enough to share them with all you BANGshifters. This is just the first gallery, we’ll have even more coming!

To check out other works by Kobus, visit www.reyneke.com


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