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Would You Ever Want To Race A Drag Bike? Or Are They Too Scary?

Would You Ever Want To Race A Drag Bike? Or Are They Too Scary?

For me the answer is TOO SCARY! Maybe that’s because I’ve been fast on a bike or two and it DIDN’T scare me, which then scared me. My lack of fear was what told me riding fast bikes wasn’t my thing. I did not have the skills to keep up with my balls and that is a bad combo that gets you dead. But what about a drag bike? For me the answer is still no. I don’t know why, but they just don’t motivate me. I would love to have a cool little cafe racer or bobber or enduro to put around town on and have fun with, but I don’t really have any desire to ride one every day or cross country.

But I realize I’m not everyone. So what do you think? Would you race a drag bike if given the chance? Something tame like a sportsman bike? Or something more along the lines of a Pro Stock Motorcycle? Or how about a Top Fuel bike!

What do you think?

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10 thoughts on “Would You Ever Want To Race A Drag Bike? Or Are They Too Scary?

  1. AndyB

    A high power streetbike scares me significantly more. No wheelie bars makes it that much more interesting.

    Heading to the track this afternoon to play with a ZX14, actually. See ya there!

  2. HotRodPop

    Actually, the launch is an adrenalin rush! It’s the unexpected (or, unintended) stops that suck!

  3. Gary

    I love it! More fun and exciting than cars for sure. Love cars, but for drag racing, I’d take a bike every trip of the train! I went from a 12 second 550 Kawasaki Street bike directly to a 7 second turbo nitrous funnybike. It was awesome!

  4. joel

    Way back in my yute, I was an avid dirt biker. It was tremendous fun, but after lots of painful little crashes, 3 bad injury crashes, 2 with broken bones and 1 hospital stay, I decided cars was safer. Now I have zero desire to mount a crotch rocket.

  5. crazy canuck

    Love it when people say that must be scary being on one wheel for so long . I’m not on one wheel I’m on three and its a rush . Man I miss my bike .

  6. Paul Rees

    I used run in Top Gas 8:20 165 index my bike could run way under that . The first 60ft are most fun . Once hit 660ft you are just riding to the stripe . All loaded for bear 150hp shot on NOS Riding wheelie bar is very cool .

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