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We’ve Got Goodguys Spring Lone Star Nationals Photos Right Here!

We’ve Got Goodguys Spring Lone Star Nationals Photos Right Here!

(Photos by Rob Bennett) The Goodguys Spring Lone Star Nationals was a great show that marked a start to automotive events in the Lone Star State for 2021, and a destination that saw folks from all over the center of the country loading up their hot rods and bringing them down to show off. Of course the fact that Goodguys also announced their inclusion of OBS GM Trucks in the show made for exciting times for truck enthusiasts. With hot rods, customs, trucks, and more, there was plenty for everyone to see. And with Ridetech on site doing a complete air ride suspension installation, on a truck they drove down from Indiana and were driving back home at the end of the show, there was entertainment to be had all over. Plus the Goodguys Autocross was going down, which means there were some seriously rad pro touring cars on site tearing it up.

Because the Goodguys Lone Star Nationals events are held at Texas Motor Speedway, they have a completely different feel than some of the other Goodguys events that are held at fairgrounds and such. That’s one of the things I love so much about going to different Goodguys events, because they all have their own personality. No two are exactly alike, and that is what makes it fun to go to different shows all across the country.

Thanks to Rob Bennett for taking photos for us this weekend, we so appreciate it. If you want to see other cool stuff Rob has shot, you should follow him on Instagram @hotrodsandhotrigs.


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One thought on “We’ve Got Goodguys Spring Lone Star Nationals Photos Right Here!

  1. 69rrboy

    Sure like the car in picture #1. Appears to be a 39 Dodge or Plymouth with an altered grille area. Only year with the square headlights. You never see one of those cars period much less hot rodded. Very nice.


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