Pro Boat: This 1960 Chevrolet Parkwood Station Wagon Has A Big Block, Big Meats Out Back, and Big Fun Potential

Pro Boat: This 1960 Chevrolet Parkwood Station Wagon Has A Big Block, Big Meats Out Back, and Big Fun Potential

Maybe I’m just an idiot (don’t answer that) but I LOVE pro street style station wagons, especially when they are as large and lovely as a 1960 Chevrolet Parkwood! No, I am not in love with 100% of this thing but 99.86% of it sure seems as right as rain to me. The basic story here is simple. Creatively styled, timeless cool, big block power, steel wheels, and a factory interior are all things that spin my crank. When we add in the green tinted glass, the stance that’s freaking awesome, and all that factory chrome, it can’t really get a whole lot better…at all.

I did mention that there was a few things that I wasn’t totally down with and the first is the green flame job. That can be fixed easily enough for sure. I love the green base color, though. It’s one of those sleepy, kind of unassuming colors that was probably so overly common in 1960 no one gave this car a second look. Today? Not a color you usually see and when you take the body matched wheels and combine it with that green I feel like it elevates the whole car.

One thing we do not see any photos of is the back half of the car. If I were going to buy this thing, I’d need lots of those to determine if it were worth the trip to go drive it. The way the rest of the car is turned out leads us to believe that the rear end and the (4-link?) are likely done in the proper fashion but some photos sure would be good.

Overall, this thing is a 10/10. I want to have my sons jump in the back and hit the road. Yeah, the big block needs some aluminum heads, and the transmission needs to be swapped for one with the clutch in front it  it, but just look at this big fella! So fun.

eBay: This massive 1960 pro street Chevy Parkwood wagon is BangShift approved!

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7 thoughts on “Pro Boat: This 1960 Chevrolet Parkwood Station Wagon Has A Big Block, Big Meats Out Back, and Big Fun Potential

  1. James Campbell

    What? You missed the best pic!
    Where is the interior shot of the tub job.
    Inexcusable. Please do better next time.

    1. Robert

      I love the 1960 Chevrolet. I\’ve had a 1960 el camino, 1960 Apache, 1960 impala . I would love to have a wagon. I have had a 1955 Chevy wagon and loved it. Any 1960 Chevy is cool as hell . Meaning , Very hot . I just have one thing to say about old Chevys is , I love them. This 1960 Brookwood wagon is BEAUTIFUL. thank you for showing it to me , Robert.

  2. Jay Bree

    Looks like they cut the rear end too short . Yes, I know it’s probably to help get the meats off, still it looks dumb. The rest is awesom!

    1. Riverratcustoms

      Yup, the rear looks all wrong. Too tucked and too much tire,GOOFY. I like the car otherwise. I had a 60 Biscayne, loved it.

  3. Bobby Kelley

    Theres a guy not far from me with a 60 impala 502 5spd rubbed big meats sweet ride I\’ve loved since I was a kid and my brother bought and impala. It was dark green metal flake with white tuck and roll interior had a 409 4 spd it had roll pans and merc grill and tail lights super sharp

    1. Mr. Smith

      My 60 Nomad will have a 66 427. I dont plan to tub mine. A little wider than stock. Currently finishing the new floor pans and patching the underbody. Frame is going to get blasted soon and repainted.

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