Wagonmaster: This 1963 Plymouth Savoy Wagon Has A 440, A 4-Speed, and Our Heart

Wagonmaster: This 1963 Plymouth Savoy Wagon Has A 440, A 4-Speed, and Our Heart

This is not “dare to be different”, this is not, “why be normal”, this is just straight up bad ass. You are looking at a 1963 Plymouth Savoy station wagon with a 440ci big block, a four speed manual transmission, a mint-o-licious interior, and a Dana 60 there to backstop it all and handle the power. Everything from the color to the stance of this wagon is right and we’re kind of having the flop sweats every time we see it. The seller wants about $24,000 for it and while that’s not small money, this is also not a small car in terms of it presentation and unique nature.

We see lots of wagons that we like on a weekly basis on the internet but few of them rise to the level of this sucker. Why? There’s always a thing or an element to them that we don’t really like. Maybe it’s the color, maybe it’s the year. Maybe it’s the engine choice, a skeevy interior, and the list goes on and on. This car? Holy cow we’e not finding fault with anything.

The headers are 2″ primary jobs feeding a custom exhaust complete with electric cut outs, the Dana 60 has a limited slip in it, the four speed is a venerable Chrysler A-833, and the engine apparently still measures to 440ci, which is neat as well.

Tell us what the problems are here because we’re not seeing any and good gravy do we have the urge to shoot an email to the owner. It’s just so good.

CL listing: This 1963 Plymouth Savoy wagon is a romper-stomper that we love

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12 thoughts on “Wagonmaster: This 1963 Plymouth Savoy Wagon Has A 440, A 4-Speed, and Our Heart

  1. DanStokes

    I’m having an organism (did I get that right?). Anyhow, I LOVE ’63s anyhow and I agree, this one is perfect.

  2. Richard Noggin

    Wow – now I can have a cool tow car for my trailered ’66 Hemi Satelite 4dr with a 3 spd overdrive and 18 miles on the odometer! – LoL

    1. KC RONN

      Why do some people never paint the intake to match the block, but I would still like to play with that shifter.

  3. doug gregory

    Brian, why is this not a post stating this is the new family truckster…?

    Can man-card revocation be far behind…?

    Spring is literally right around the corner.

  4. Larry Speller

    Have always been a Mopar fan, owner and lover all the way back to 1966, Plymouth Barracuda formula S. My first new car. This is a heart stop!

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