Hard To Hate On: This 1974 Chevelle Is An Awesome Example Of How Cool These Cars Can Be

Hard To Hate On: This 1974 Chevelle Is An Awesome Example Of How Cool These Cars Can Be

For a very long time I have had a lot of dislike for the Collonade styling cars of GM’s mid-1970s. Not really sure why. Maybe there was some post-muscle resentment. Maybe there was some jaundice in my eye because of the fact that the straight crisp lines of the 1960s had given way to a more tubby, less taught look in the 1970s. Well, because of this 1974 Chevelle I am finally over all that BS and have come to legitimately like these cars especially when they look like this!

The best part about this car as it sits is the simplicity of it all. Drenched in nice red paint with the black rally stripes, it shines brightly. Sitting on Torque-Thrust wheels with white letter Mickey Thompson tires completes the right exterior look for cars of this period (in my estimation anyway).

The drivetrain is a 350/350 combo that would be swung out in favor of a rat motor and a stick but as it sits now, driving it would be fun and it makes the right noises. As the car is a no AC unit, there will be virtually no issues with hammering the big block in there and really creating some tire killing fun.

The interior is as garishly perfect as anyone would want to have in the 1970s. A shade of red that did not exist on this planet before it was installed and as clean as anything you will ever see. Even the dash is perfect! No cracks, no holes, no badness. Just something else.

Thanks 1974 Chevelle for reminding me that life is too short to hate on stuff you don’t like.

Craigslist: This 1974 Chevelle is hard to hate on, a really nice car –

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8 thoughts on “Hard To Hate On: This 1974 Chevelle Is An Awesome Example Of How Cool These Cars Can Be

  1. Henrik

    I happen to own one of these a 73 chevelle and it is one of the most comfortable classic i have ever driven and after a few minor upgrades to the chassis, it can corner to and with a fresh smallblock plus 700r4 it hauls ass as Well as Cruise. Plus you dont see 20 more like it at the shows. So i kind of like that most people dont know that with not a lot of work it can be a afordable cool hotrod because then mine will go on Being the only one on the boulevard saturday Night.

  2. drivindadsdodge

    vintage air … sniper FI…700R4 … 3.55 rear axle … Hotchkiss Suspension

    under 15 k all in after the mods

    one hell of a driver

  3. Chas

    I’m kinda, sorta, starting to agree with Brian. I’m looking for another project and toying with the idea of a Collonade. Don’t know much about them. Question is, what can be done about those god awful front and aft bumpers? They completely ruin the lines of this car.

    1. Jack M.

      A good body shop should be able to pull in the bumpers a few inches. Nice change from all the fuss over second generation Trans Ams.

  4. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Actually its sooooo easy to hate on and this pile of screaming red Chevy shit is motivation enough!

  5. Al

    Well my 1st car in \’76 was almost like this. Not by choice. I had $1400 saved up. Dad took me to an insurance auction before copart existed in town. A \’66 Corvette conv. missing the 427 and knockoffs. I said let\’s bid the whole \’$1400 in a sealed bid & get it! LSS, I ended up with a maroon \’74 Monte Carlo, red interior like this one from there. Orig owner made sure every corner hit something along w/ some side damage. At home \’cleaning\’ it up before dads friend the bodyman took it, I found at least 6 empty bottles of \’T-Bird in brown bags. That explained a lot. A week later it came home. It was a miracle looking straight, show room new! Couple weeks later added a new set Cragar SS\’s that was supposed to go on my 1st choice car, 67-69 Canaro, 70-72 Chevelle, etc. It looked BAD! Later added the Edelbrock torque, Holley 650 dbl pmp, headers, to the 350. Monroe airs in rear to help fit the L60s in back. It came to Life! It wasnt what I wanted, nor close even, but it grew on me plus not many 17 year olds driving a 2 yr old car then! I guess it was the Big Brother to this Chevelle here. After almost 2 yrs driving, sold to a friends older brother & a few mos before graduating HS, I bought a NICE \’75 Formula 400 in yellow. Had a custom painted 3\” thick, black sectional stripe, front to back. I blacked out the tail lights and rear spoiler. Then added a black shaker scoop THRU the Formula dual snorkel hood! Loved the late 70s!

  6. Jay

    I have a good friend since HS that just restored a 75’ gray with black strips. Really nice car even though the bumpers are butt ugly. I’m restoring a rust free 78 Pontiac GP/SJ , orig Idaho car. 454/700R4/411posi. Now that is one of the better looking cars made in the 70’s!

  7. headstrong

    Nost of these cars are unloved , they fault the bumpers and lopo power.
    The bumpers are easy to pull in some, to far in and the cars don\’t look right.
    Some say they have shock like bumper mounts, that make it easy to pull them in. wink/wink.
    The power problem is an easy fix.
    The STOCK under pinning runs circles around the 64-72 set up.
    Part of the charm of the 73-77 is the cruiser ride that handles somewhat ok, make the mistake of bolting an auto x type set up under them and you\’ll be chasing squeaks and rattles. but to each their own.
    Oh, and these cars are still cheap to buy.
    Maybe now at shows/cruises \”some\” won\’t tool on these cars. I heard your comments, B/L

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