Aeromotive Phantom Trifekta Video: If You Need To Feed Big Horsepower THIS Is The Way To Handle It!

Aeromotive Phantom Trifekta Video: If You Need To Feed Big Horsepower THIS Is The Way To Handle It!

It is an incredible age that we live in. Why? Not so much for the sheer power that people can make with their hot rods these days because people have always been pushing that boundary but it is the refinement in how we can make it. Companies like Aeromotive have been integral in this process because for many years, the way someone would build a high performance fuel system was to bodge together parts from all over the place and just call it good. Since their founding in 1994 Aeromotive have worked to solve that problem and along the way they have redefined the industry. In this case, they have released the Aeromotive Phantom Trifekta which is an in-tank pump that uses the company’s Phantom technology that will support up to 2,400 flywheel horsepower on gasoline…IN THE TANK!

The Trifekta uses three 450lph Walbro fuel pumps and will drop into virtually any fuel tank with a depth of between six and eleven inches. The installation kit includes everything you need to make it happen and have your car up and running in no-time. These pumps also come with Aeromotive’s new PTFE check ball system installed that us used to retain fuel in the rubber bladder at the base of the foam encasement that the pump is in. These check balls hold fuel and keep the pump flooded when you are drag racing, road racing, autocrossing, or even sitting at a steep incline on the trail in your off-road rig.

There has never been an easier, cleaner, or more road proven way to feed your big horsepower engine the fuel it needs than this. Does everyone need a Trifekta? No. Does everyone want a Trifekta? Hell yes.

Press play below to see more about the Aeromotive Phantom Trifekta – This thing is serious!

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