American Powertrain Announces the Addition of  Yukon Gear & Axle Sets to Product Lineup

American Powertrain Announces the Addition of  Yukon Gear & Axle Sets to Product Lineup

Great news as two killer companies are teaming up to give you the best products and expertise in the industry. American Powertrain has added Yukon Gear and Axle Sets to their product lineup which continues to strengthen their position as the premier driveline company in the industry. These guys have you handled from the back of your engine clear to the back of your your car or truck now.

If you are making a transmission change, you are likely making a gearing change and if you are opening up the axle why would you not want to get it all from one place. Yukon is not just about gears but also their differentials lie the Trac-Loc, Duragrip, and Gear Power Loc Positraction for Chrysler axles. Now, when you score your transmission you can get the proper bell housing, clutch, installation kit, driveshaft, and finally axles upgrades you need.

Great stuff!

American Powertrain Announces the Addition of  Yukon Gear & Axle Sets to Product Lineup

Cookeville, TN, (March 24, 2020) – American Powertrain now offers a full line of Yukon Gear & Axle drivetrain parts for most popular makes and models for Ford, GM and Chrysler. Additional Yukon offerings include Over-haul kits, Trac-Loc and Duragrip positraction products, along with USA Standard Gear Powr Loc Positraction for Chrysler.

Yukon Gear & Axle, established in 1982 and based in Everett, Washington is the leading distributor of aftermarket drivetrain and performance parts for the general automotive, motorsports, and off-road enthusiast.

“Carrying the Yukon Gear & Axle brand is a perfect fit for American Powertrain,” stated Marketing Director Matt Graves. “For the most part, if a customer is changing out their transmission to a different gear ratio, now is a good time to change your rear-end gear. Yukon has great packages, with options to go up or down a gear for much better acceleration.”

American Powertrain, a TREMEC® Elite Distributor located in Cookeville, TN, manufacturers and sells ProFit modern overdrive transmission systems, Science Friction clutches and flywheels, Hydramax hydraulic clutch systems, X-Factor crossmembers and thousands of powertrain accessories for muscle, sports, street rod and race cars.  For more information, visit American Powertrain at or call 931.646.4836.

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