1320Video: Cleetus & Mullet Go DOMINATION MODE At WCF 2022!!

1320Video: Cleetus & Mullet Go DOMINATION MODE At WCF 2022!!

When Cleetus called up tuner extraordinaire Peter Harrell to see if he could help them turn their newly installed performance improvements into a well-oiled machine, he did what he did and made that combo really sing. In this latest video from 1320Video you will see Mullet really stretch its legs and show the world that it deserves to be at the top of the heap. The performance gains that they have seen with Mullett in the last few months are nothing short of amazing and are a testament to how well all the team works together.

Check out the results below.

Video Description:

After Import vs Domestic World Cup Finals 2021 where Cleetus and Mullet didn’t qualify for eliminations, they are back for redemption. With a lot more power and several mid-6 second passes under their belt, Cleetus and the team were confident that Mullet has what it takes to push through the rounds this year.

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