King Boss! Ohio George Montgomery’s 1969 Mustang Boss 429 Twin Turbo Gasser

King Boss! Ohio George Montgomery’s 1969 Mustang Boss 429 Twin Turbo Gasser

Ohio George Montgomery is one of drag racing’s Gasser Gods. He was a driving force in the class from its earliest days right up until it moved back toward the realm of the Competition Eliminator sportsman ranks in the early 1970s. His introduction of late model body styles is blamed by many for the class’s fall from prominence, but in reality, it was the only evolutionary step left for gassers. On display here at in Bowling Green, is his 1969 Mustang featuring a twin turbocharged Boss 429 engine, it is amazing.

In talking to George, we learned that the car ran its best passes in the 8.40 range, but at a blazing 174-175 mph. He said that sorting out the turbos, mechanical fuel injection, and chassis was a multi-year project that ultimately payed off when he won the Gatornationals two years in a row (1973/1974).

He did not tell us how much power the engine made, but he did say that in order for it to finally be drivable on the track he had to remove more than 400 hp off of the top. By running smaller fuel nozzles and shrinking the port size in the heads, thereby increasing velocity, he had a car that was capable of being driven.

The car ran with a number of different engine combos over the years, but it is this one that’s most impressive, especially considering that it was done in the early 1970s and actually made to work. Lots of these type of projects got started then and were eventually shelved because they were never sorted. Montgomery was (and still is) an extremely adept mechanic and engine builder whose ability in those two areas often seemed to be overshadowed by his on track accomplishments. Te fact that this car was made to work, and actually won on a large stage is a testament to his dedication and skill.

That’s a quick look at one of the coolest door slammers and really a car that is the grand-daddy of the modern turbo Pro Mod.

Turbo Boss 429!

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4 thoughts on “King Boss! Ohio George Montgomery’s 1969 Mustang Boss 429 Twin Turbo Gasser

  1. MGBChuck

    King Boss, maybe not, Wayne Torkelson (T-Bird ProMod) probably had the king of the Boss 429s, had to change to BAE stuff because he kept splitting the blocks (even the AR after market block)–BIG POWER

  2. C.M. Bendig

    His Speed Shop & engine machine operation is still up & Running just outside of Huber Heights in Dayton Oh . it’s the counties oldest speed shop. A lot of locals my age and younger don’t even know where it is (sadly).

    Besides racing him self he built engines that got other racers both sponsored and privateers in the competition range,

    1. familyguy81

      Was just about to say the same thing. i used to live in Huber and his shop rebuilt my carb for me.

    2. CTX-SLPR

      Ohio George did all the machine work on my block and rotating assembly for my Turbo6 back when I was stationed at Wright-Patterson AFB. Only took cash and was a cantankerous old man but boy did he know Buick V6’s.

      One day want to get the car back so he can see what I built on his machine work foundation.

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