Feature Product: Classic Instruments Releases New Zeus-Link Gauge Interface Module Which Means Killer Classic Gauges With Modern EFI!

Feature Product: Classic Instruments Releases New Zeus-Link Gauge Interface Module Which Means Killer Classic Gauges With Modern EFI!

This little box here is a game changer! If you are someone who’s got a muscle car, street machine, classic truck, or custom, and you are doing a Holley EFI swap but don’t want to put a flat screen lcd screen in your dash because you prefer the look of real gauges, this is going to be your dream box. In the past, if you wanted to run “traditional” gauges with your EFI equipped ride you would need to have multiple sending units on the engine because the EFI computer would need one and so would your gauge. In some cases you might literally have two of each kind of sending unit which just makes for more work, expense, chance of failure, etc. But with this cool setup from Classic, you can pull all the data you need from the ECU of your Holley EFI and then send that info straight to your favorite Classic Instruments so that you get all your engine vitals on the gauges you know and love.

Check it out!

Classic Instruments Releases Zeus-Link™ Gauge Interface Module
Boyne City, MI, March 20th, 2024 —   Classic Instruments is pleased to announce the release of an all-new CAN
module, Zeus-Link™. Zeus-Link™ is an all-inclusive gauge interface unit that can connect to Holley ECU’s
(Dominator, HP, Terminator X, Terminator X Max, Sniper and Sniper II) and to GM OBDII ports, reading vehicle data
from CAN BUS to drive any Classic Instruments gauges accurately. Additional pass-through CAN port connection for
other CAN devices. Customers can connect up to 6 standard gauges and 2 auxiliary gauges using all sender inputs
or none. All instruments can be driven traditionally if the vehicle ECU does not support an output the driver wants
to monitor. The unit features warning and check engine light outputs, dash light connection and on-board
diagnostic lights to give status of power, BLE, and data. For maximum compatibility with Holley products, there is
an additional resistor available if there are other CAN devices on the same harness and the Holley harness has an
additional Holley ECU connector for other devices.

The entire unit is setup and managed through an app available on the App Store® or Google Play®. Configure which
gauges are in the dash, how each gets its signal, view values being received by Zeus-Link™, and verify correct
outputs and wiring all through the app.

This new CAN module from Classic Instruments can be purchased direct or through any one of its authorized
dealers or at holley.com.

Classic Instruments has been handcrafting in America since 1977. The company offers a full line of catalog order
instrumentation for a wide range of Ford and Chevy model cars and pick-up trucks, plus over 100 universal fit
instruments. The Classic Instruments’ line also includes many specialty items such as performance series
instruments, Zeus speedometer technology, and Fuel-Link. Classic Instruments can build virtually anything through
their dedicated Instrument Customization Unit. Whether it’s a direct-fit set, retro-fit, or complete custom their
team is ready to help add “The finishing touch”TM to any project.
Proud member of the Holley Family of Brands.

For more information please contact Classic Instruments.
Classic Instruments
[email protected]
826 Moll Dr., Boyne City, MI 49712

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