Ridetech’s New R-Joint Is Amazing: A Smooth, Strong, Articulating Machine

Ridetech’s New R-Joint Is Amazing: A Smooth, Strong, Articulating Machine

Suspension bushings live a hard life. And for decades aftermarket companies and OEM car manufacturers have been improving materials and design in search of quite, smooth, and durable bushings that can be manufactured on budget. Budget. That’s right, the word that most often means some kind of compromise is going to happen. It won’t be the best product, because the budget ran out before it got there. At Ridetech, that didn’t happen. Nope, when they started their own Delrin bushing program, a new level of suspension performance and responsiveness was found. So when they then decided to take joint to a completely superior level they knew they had to make it right and worry about how much it cost later. Well the good news for all of us is that the nailed it. Nailed it.

This new R-Joint has the strength of a high end forged suspension rod end, with the durable and smooth performance that delrin and polished steel bring to the table. It is designed to be strong, readily manufactured, and serviceable in the rare case that it might be necessary. And we can’t get over how smooth it is. Watch this video and you’ll understand, because no matter how much we explain it the visual is better.

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3 thoughts on “Ridetech’s New R-Joint Is Amazing: A Smooth, Strong, Articulating Machine

  1. sbg

    You mean just like the suspension with Johnny joints under my FJ40(FJ4overland). I like Ridetech – a lot – but I’m not seeing anything new. sorry.

  2. OKSnake08

    The new rod ends are awesome and exactly what I want for rear control arms on my 08 GT500. Too bad they don’t make them for S197 Mustangs. Gee if I just had a fifty year old Chevy they could sell me parts. Instead someone else gets my money for upper and lower control arms and adjustable Panhard bar next month and I don’t get the best new tech. Kind of a lose/lose.

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