Safety First: How To Take Measurements For A Custom Simpson Fire Suit

Safety First: How To Take Measurements For A Custom Simpson Fire Suit

Anyone that pays much attention around me knows that racing safety is a topic near and dear to my heart. Lyle Barnett and I talk about it all the time on our Podcast and I often advise folks on their setups, bad habits, etc. Fire suits are one of the topics that a lot of people don’t want to talk about, but should be. They are great, they are required by sanctioning bodies, and when used properly will undoubtedly save your life should the need arise. One thing that pisses me off is seeing someone driving a car that clearly requires a fire suit while wearing track pants and a t-shirt.

I tell people all the time that we spend our childhood wanting to dress up like race car drivers and then we become race car drivers and don’t want to wear the fire suit. It’s just plain stupid.

So you should avoid being stupid and get yourself a fire suit. There are plenty of them available at various price points, and you should have one. The ultimate is to have a fire suit made just for you, using your measurements. No fire suit will be more comfortable, which also makes it safer.

In this video from Simpson, you’ll see how to measure yourself for a custom firesuit. Watch, measure, and order one for yourself.

Video Description:

Safety is paramount in racing, and a good fire suit goes a long way in protecting you if things go wrong. Simpson Racing knows a thing or two about keeping you safe in a fire and has been keeping drivers safe for decades. You don’t just grab the first fire suit that you can fit into. Here’s how you measure yourself for a proper-fitting fire suit that not only looks good, but will protect you.

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