Install Video: Ridetech’s New Suspension For The 1962-1967 Chevy II Nova Is Going On A Project Right Here

Install Video: Ridetech’s New Suspension For The 1962-1967 Chevy II Nova Is Going On A Project Right Here

We transform the little box Nova from a scary fast car to a stable and fun fast car with a completely new bolt-on suspension systems that will use either the Ridetech coil-overs or the Shockwave air suspension. The results are dramatic! A smooth comfortable ride that will take the corners confidently and without drama.

Front TruTurn System for 1962-1967 Chevy II / Nova.
  • Ridetech’s front “TruTurn Suspension System” is an all in one front suspension system designed to work together and includes upper and lower StrongArm tubular control arms, tall spindles, steering arms, inner tie rods, outer tie rods, billet tie rod adjusters, and center link adapter. These components must be utilized together and cannot be purchased separately.
  • The StrongArms’ design eliminates the original lower strut rods by incorporating super strong, fabricated, bolt-in, chassis plates. These mounts provide stronger, more precise, control arm mounting, as well as, significantly increase the strength of the front subframe.
  • Tubular control arms can be adjusted from 3° to over 7° positive caster.  The additional caster and the Delrin bushings provide improved high speed stability and steering feel.
  • Tall spindles provide more negative camber gain to maximize tire contact patch during cornering and with a 2 inch pin drop allow for the use of longer shocks creating more suspension travel.
  • The front TruTurn suspension moves the wheels nearly an inch rearward to increase tire clearance while maintaining the stock track width and only 0.030” of bump steer through 5” of suspension travel.
  • The maximum back space for 16” or smaller wheels is 4.25”
  • The TruTurn system is compatible with manual steering, Borgeson power box upgrade, or stock ram assist factory-style on front sump oil pans. (optional link available for rear sump oil pan)
  • The Ridetech spindles are compatible with original Chevy II disc brakes and a wide range aftermarket options.

1962 – 1967 Chevy II / Nova | Front MuscleBar Sway bar
  • The Chevy II Ridetech MuscleBar measures 1.125” diameter with 0.188” wall thickness and provides a stout 1225 lbs/in. rate for great handling in the corners and a smooth ride. on the straights.
  • The sway bar is built using precision CNC equipment and investment cast steel ends, for dimensional and rate accuracy.
  • The included low friction lined billet aluminum mounts provide smooth, quite,  maintenance free operation. (sway bar is not compatible with stock arms).


1962 – 1967 Chevy II / Nova | Rear Bolt-on 4 Link

  • The Ridetech Bolt-On 4-Link installs using the original leaf spring front mounts (also integrates with Ridetech Subframe Connectors) with no modifications to the floor pan (even on most mini-tubed equipped cars) no fabrication, just four small tabs to weld to the axle for your upper bars.
  • The ride height of your car is typically lowered by approximately 2” and greatly improves the ride quality, traction and handling.
  • The upper cradle bolts in with u bolts and riv-nuts (tool included) and bridges the uni body “frame rails” to create strong attachment points for the upper 4 link bars and the shocks.
  • The 4-link kit includes R-Joint rod ends to combine the best qualities of low friction, lateral stability, full range articulation, and quiet operation while the link locations are designed to optimize the roll center and  provides adjustable anti-squat (41% – 109%).
  • 1962-1967 Chevy II / Nova | Complete Air Suspension System
    $7,540.00 – $9,910.00
  • 1962-1967 Chevy II / Nova | Complete Coil-over Suspension System
    $7,280.00 – $9,540.00

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