Polishing Turds Episode 5: Balancing The Crankshaft

Polishing Turds Episode 5: Balancing The Crankshaft

In this latest episode of the Polishing Turds series from HED you are going to see the excitement that is balancing a rotating assembly. This series is of course done with tongue firmly in cheek, but the real stuff is still happening and you can learn a lot. Check it out.

When Peter Harrell, owner of Harrell Engine and Dyno, decided that he was going to start up a YouTube Channel of his own, he decided to call it “Real Good At Doin’ Stuff!!!” It’s a channel designed to not only entertain you but more importantly to pull the cover off of all the stuff engine builders and tuners seem to think they should hide. We haven’t shared his videos previously as we were waiting for him to get a bunch in the can and to get his feet under him, but this series here we know will make all of you laugh and learn all at the same time.

Check out the latest video below where the engine gets balanced and more.

In the upcoming episodes, you’ll see this engine getting made into something more. A lot more. So check it out.


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