Rebeldryver’s Ford 428 FE Project Part 4: Pistons And Rods Are Going In!

Rebeldryver’s Ford 428 FE Project Part 4: Pistons And Rods Are Going In!

It’s back for Part 4! The pistons and rods are ready to be installed, and in this part of the build series that is exactly what is going to happen! Watch this 428 Ford engine build as it gets a lot closer to being a runner!

After getting the crank installed in preparation for hanging rods and pistons on it in Part 2, the rods and pistons got prepped, including mounting the pistons to the rods and also file fitting the pistons rings, in Part 3. Scott has taken us through the whole process and is getting that much closer to this engine making noise!

Rebeldryver Scott is back with Project Mud Bomber, whose 428 has been getting machined and prepped for a full rebuild. Because parts were scarce and the machine shop a bit slow, this one has taken a little while but now it is ready to go together. Scott has gotten it all done and ready for assembly and this is the next video in the build series, so watch, learn, and stay tuned for more.


Video Description:

We continue assembling our Ford 428 FE big block engine that is going into our 1964 Galaxie 500. We have already installed the crankshaft, put the Icon Forged pistons on the rods, file fitted the piston rings, and install them on the pistons. Now, we are installing the rods and pistons in the block on the crank. We have to check bearing clearances before final torquing of the rod bolts. The process isn’t hard, it just takes patience.

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