Video: This Video Is Both Educational And Proof That Briggs & Stratton Engines Are Tough Stuff

Video: This Video Is Both Educational And Proof That Briggs & Stratton Engines Are Tough Stuff

Engines are interesting things, right? They are what power our cars and trucks down the road and they’re also handy for millions of other uses. In this video you’ll see a Briggs & Stratton engine get run with a window cut into it and no oil in the crankcase. How does it work and how does it operate? Frankly these are good lessons for anyone who either is or wants to be messing with engines.

The bet parts of making a video like this are the small engines that you can kill while doing it. Why? The can be hd for ¬†song. We, as “younger” guys hear all the stories of cheap engines and experimentation back in the day. Well the story remains the same today with either these little one bangers or LS engines that guys buy for a few hundred bucks, run and mangle, then replace with another one. The cycle has not changed.

We love the raw nature and cool educational content of this particular video. Watch the whole thing below and if yo have ever wondered about lubrication and/or oil additives, you are going to get a lesson!

Press play below to see how tough Briggs and Stratton engines really are:

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4 thoughts on “Video: This Video Is Both Educational And Proof That Briggs & Stratton Engines Are Tough Stuff

  1. Jason P

    I was on the SAE Mini Baja team at the University of Alabama back in 2003. We took the car (powered by a 10hp Briggs) to compete at Provo UT as BYU was hosting the West event that year. During a refuel stop about halfway through the 4hr endurance race, we noticed the engine (caked over with mud) was missing the oil cap. We could only guess that it had backed out and fell off on the racetrack somewhere. Who knows how long it had been allowing most of the oil to slosh out and untold amounts of dirt and mud to migrate inside. Luckily we found a spare cap, topped it off with oil, sent the car back out. Everything stayed inside the block and it ran without a hitch the rest of the event. Made a believer out of me.

    1. Troy A Henderson

      I was at that same event Jason. I remember all the rain made for a bunch of mud. Our car actually burned the clutch up from it but the Briggs was perfect

  2. Nate

    I’ve quit using B&S. My dad’s 2 previous mowers blew up after 4 years. Hes had his Honda mower for 6 or 7 years now. Zero issues. My old B&S mower was on it’s way out. Have a Kohler motor on my mower now. Wish it was a Honda.

  3. Gary351C

    Back in high school auto shop (when they still had such things) our instructor showed us how to mill the head for more compression and fab a header out of pipe to make a hot rod mower. I don’t think my neighbors liked the loud exhaust though.


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