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Pure Class: 1965 Pontiac Catalina 2+2 – The Winter Wedding Photo Car

Pure Class: 1965 Pontiac Catalina 2+2 – The Winter Wedding Photo Car

It’s odd to think that winter is becoming wedding season instead of June. At least, around my neck of the woods it’s going to be that way. In a week or two, Haley and I will be attending our first wedding as a married couple and in the cold winter months, my mind turns to…well, it’s cars. Let’s face it, you didn’t come here to find tips on a proper wedding suit and you could probably give a rat’s backside about the lantern posts I scoured three states to collect up. But there is a bit of a point to make: if you are going to have a December wedding, especially in the early evening haze, it’s prime car photography time. Set the bride and the groom against a beautiful snow-dusted scene as the sunlight fades into pinks and purples, and have some kind of wheels that exude class as the chariot, ready for them to head off into the fading light together as one. That sounds like a great photograph of a wonderful day in my eyes.

Car of choice? Well, honestly I hadn’t given it any thought whatsoever, but when i found this 1965 Pontiac Catalina 2+2, the whole idea burst into my head in one shot. The Catalina was all-new for 1965, having received the same platform update as all of the other GM B-bodies and the 2+2 had broken out as a stand-alone model instead of just a trim option…comparing the Catalina to the 2+2 was like comparing the Tempest to the GTO, the 2+2 was the hot take. And this particular car was plenty hot, even as standard, with the 338 horsepower 421 four-barrel V8 and four-gear manual transmission that was stirred by a Hurst shifter. Add up the gorgeous Pontiac finned drum brake wheel setup and the body styling, and it’s a knockout, especially in that oh-so-Christmas season red.

My choice? Absolutely. Their choice? Highly, highly doubtful. I’m thinking both would look at the shifter with genuine confusion. But hey, next gearhead wedding I know of, I’ve got a great plan for the pictures…

eBay Link: 1965 Pontiac Catalina 2+2

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8 thoughts on “Pure Class: 1965 Pontiac Catalina 2+2 – The Winter Wedding Photo Car

  1. KCR

    I am not a big GM fan. But that car is very cool. It has it all 4 gear ,big inch engine ,red paint with no vinyl top and the 8 lugs . this is a very ,very cool car

    1. Dean

      Love the 2+2s. I owned a 66. 421, automatic with tri power. Beautifully restored. My brother restored a 66 convertible, factory 4 speed. It\’s cool to see an article noting how sweet these cars really are. The article is, however, incorrect about 65 being a stand alone model and not an option on the Catalina. 1966 was the only year it was a stand alone model. But still a nice tribute to an iconic car.

  2. Dave

    Nice ride. When I was in high school (grad in ‘70) a classmate had a red 2+2 with a 421 automatic. I had a 69 Mercury Marauder 429 automatic. We gloriously raced fender to fender many times. Unfortunately, people talk in small towns. My Dad banned me from driving the Merc, and I was relegated to Mom’s station wagon. Still, the memories are clear 50 years later.

    Keep up the cool feature cars.

  3. ratpatrol66

    Pontiac had some great looking cars in the 60s. This was a great one!!! Can’t beat a 421 with a 4spd! It could only be better with Tri-Power.

  4. Derrell

    I knew a guy that bought one of these new in ’65, frost(?) green, white interior, 4 speed, tri power, and a reverb for the radio! Big impression on a sixteen year old when he mashed the throttle and it started to fish tail.

  5. Danny Clopper

    I bought a 65 Pontiac 2 + 2 421 three Deuces four Speed in 1970 as a used vehicle it was awesome I knew the state trooper that bought it new I seen that the day he brought it to my town to show my brother-in-law it was gorgeous then it was great that I ended up with it I had it restored and I still have it to this day and it\’s a great car to drive I have tons of power and torque

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