Gene Fulton Built A Killer Old School Gasser And This Is Video Of His First Time Out With It – Jamming Gears And All!

Gene Fulton Built A Killer Old School Gasser And This Is Video Of His First Time Out With It – Jamming Gears And All!

Gene Fulton is one of the great names in door slammer drag racing history. His engines has powered some of the most fearsome drag race cars of all time and Fulton was a multi-time national champion racer himself in his younger years. Proving that the drag racing virus never really leaves your system, Fulton has built a (sort of) retro gasser that has a hardcore Dart based small block topped with eight, count ’em eight, Stromberg carbs! This thing has a four speed and a bad attitude (as the name rightly suggests) like old gassers did. The thing leaves VERY hard and you’ll see runs filmed from multiple angles. The in-car video of Fulton stabbing, steering, shifting, and wrangling the car down the eighth mile is awesome, as are the words he gives to the camera at the end which basically translate to, “HOLY CRAP this thing is an animal!”

The plan was to have the car painted up all nice and pretty but the more that Fulton looked at it and considered it, the decision was made to leave the body as kind of hammered looking and then letter the body up in a retro-style. There are modern companies names slathered on there but since the whole thing is hand lettered in an old style, it all works great. In the video you’ll see the car making runs, you’ll get a look at the wild induction setup on the engine, and you’ll also see a bunch of “fun fact” thought bubbles that pop up to give neat info on Fulton, the car, and the scene in general.

It is really cool to see Gene Fulton on the track again slamming the gears in a car that he built and provided the power for. We’re not sure where Fulton plans to run the car as we don’t know if it fits the specific rules that Quain Stott maintains for his gasser series, but wherever it is, people will be loving it. It winds high, has a stick in it, and looks like it came out of a barn yesterday. We bet people will literally freak when they see the engine with the nose pulled up. So cool!


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9 thoughts on “Gene Fulton Built A Killer Old School Gasser And This Is Video Of His First Time Out With It – Jamming Gears And All!

  1. C Royer

    This is what a modern retro style gasser should be like, totally awesome car, sits right, looks right, sounds right, LIKE IT

  2. Nick D.

    I was hoping that it’d be a retro shell with one of his 870ci monsters powering it.

  3. Devilbrad

    Awesome car with an even more awesome legend!! When are these video editors ever gonna understand that we don’t want to hear music when the engine is running???

  4. Wink Dinkler

    Beautiful car. Love the 8 carb setup. Thanks for the video but Please people PLEASE stop with the GNR music otherwise awesome video.
    Wink & Wendy in the Am

  5. rob albrough

    it dosnt meet quains rules, i was at the first race in greer and met quains stott and he was telling me that it wont run with them

  6. 3rd Generation


    Mechanical sound trumps music in a video about a race car.

    Click. Next.

  7. Sam Strube

    Friggin’ AWESOME! Any close ups of the motor? Looks like 8 Strombergs… dang me!

  8. doesn't matter

    So glad quain wouldn’t let gene run this modern car with funny car chassis and 4 link. He won’t race anything unless he knows he has a one up on everybody else and its bullshit. he may have been good back in the day… but he never beat tim freeman and he never was a crew chief for 2 SUMMIT RACING CARS! Stick a fork in him he’s done. Its a shame bristol put his name on the stands beside of some of the greatest ever because he’s far from that he’s just some “engine builder” from S.C. that never made it to the show.

  9. doesn't matter

    BTW i have never seen grown men ride another mans nuts so hard. Like a bunch of dogs in heat.

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