Watch This Huge-Wheel Equipped Monte Carlo Shear The Wheel Studs And Get Crazy!

Watch This Huge-Wheel Equipped Monte Carlo Shear The Wheel Studs And Get Crazy!

(By Greg Rourke) – Why do most drag racers not run on giant rims? Perhaps a visual aid is in order and this huge-wheel equipped Monte Carlo is it.

Here we have the Track Mania event at Memphis International Raceway. I’m assuming this is an event where a promoter leases the facility for the day, and gives the tech inspectors the day off. First off, we have more people on the starting line than there are in the stands. It takes less folks to line up a Top Fueler than what these guys have for what I’m guessing are 12 second (I’m being generous here) cars.
A couple of G body Monte Carlos roll into the water on huge rims. After fooling around with burnouts and staging the cars like it’s a Pro Stock final round, they launch. For the guy in the left lane, literally.  Both rear tires exit the car at the same time, and the ball cap clad driver (Helmets? Nah…)  gets a real good view of the track surface.
Our hero grinds to a stop, the tires make it farther down the track than the car. Now we have the sidewalk superintendents crowding around with a bunch of NSFW assessments as to  what happened. One helpful fellow decided it was the driveshaft. This ten minute video is about seven minutes too long.
Somewhere in Nebraska is Grandma Agnes driving the last G body on the planet that hasn’t been turned into a grudge racer with “NT” scrawled on the glass in shoe polish.

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36 thoughts on “Watch This Huge-Wheel Equipped Monte Carlo Shear The Wheel Studs And Get Crazy!

  1. Myaerocars

    A look on cars I’ll never understand. Riding so high they can change oil without ramps -( some could drop a transmission ). Gotta raise the body on the frame to allow for any kind I’d turning radius…..

    Almost as bad as the ricers with a car so low they rip the front and rear bumper covers off going over anything higher than a pack of cigarettes.

    To each his own, I guess……..

    I was at a car show with my petty blue Superbird tribute several years ago and a guy walks up and says he likes the car and says all it needs is a ” set of 24’s” and it would be “right” .. Ahhhhhh, no- plain flat black 15×8 steel wheels with raised whites was just right ( for me)!

  2. Matt Cramer

    How do you launch hard enough on donk tires to break the wheel studs on both sides at the same time? I’d like to find out where he got those lug studs so I can avoid that supplier at all costs!

    1. steve

      saw a video of a guy with a monte carlo on 22s running low 10s. he figured out some way to make them hook. a different sort of sleeper i guess. when he put some normal sized radials on it and went mid 9s

      1. Matt Cramer

        I agree, seeing a donk run 10’s would be a very impressive sleeper. For some perverse reason, I’d want to see if I could put 4WD S10 front suspension on one and make it spin all four tires – or take it mud bogging.

  3. C1BAD66 Malibu

    My opinion is that some people remove and reinstall their wheels so often, they create their own failures.

    They use high-RPM, powerful impact impact guns to speed lug nuts on and off, un-heat treating the studs. Final torque value? Whatever the big ol’ gun will put out after the requisite racka, racka, racka to make sure the nuts are tight.

  4. Tubbed Pacecar

    No tires? No problem, just put a floor jack under the back, and drive it home on the front diff!! lol

    1. C1BAD66 Malibu

      ‘First time I have ever read the term “titsoon”. Yeah, it’s a real word. Search on it.

  5. Brian Cooper

    What’s with the crowd around the starting line? Safety third!

    But this is why you don’t run wheel spacers on a drag car.

    1. C1BAD66 Malibu

      Brian, I think I’ve figured out the starting line swarm. It’s a gangster thing. Each individual is skeered to be caught alone.

      ‘Ever been to an import t ‘n’ t or race? From afar, watch how the groups operate.

    2. Pontiac Drag Racer

      It sure looks like wheel spacers were on the thing. Can’t figure out why the rear jumped up so high. when they broke. Looked pretty funny though. What a waste of a good looking Monte Carlo.

      1. Brian Cooper

        I think the wheels hit the rear of the car and pitched it up when they departed ways with the poor G body.

    3. Alan Chin

      Safety third? I guess the driver’s baseball cap must be a special impact-resistant jobbie

  6. jerry z

    What a waste of a good car. The first 3 min of video is good but too much jaw flapping after that.

    1. bob

      Geordie is still celebrating & laughing too hard to type. Probably pee’d himself. He’ll be along shortly.

  7. Bill Butte

    This is the exhibition class, you know go-cart and rocket car time…..or time to get a hot dog & a soda pop

  8. ratty

    Clown cars putting on a show at the circus… Watching these clowns and their buddies run all over the track while they spin their rubber bands on ridiculous wheels trying oh so hard to see if those hand tightened lug nuts that are only on maybe one full turn on their little stock 7/16″ studs on giant clown wheels, just shows you how hard tracks are trying to make money. Bring in the clowns and their clown friends, take their money, hope the insurance company doesn’t find out, and keep their fingers crossed that the money they make covers the inevitable damage to the track… Cue the theme music from The Benny Hill Show…

  9. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    The rear wheels got so bored that they decided to have a race all on their own!

    One less shitty Chevy and the world is a better place….

  10. 200kss

    I did google Titsoon and learned something new today.

    I was on board with the wheel spacer theory until I paused and studied the video, it sure looks like the rear had a disc brake conversion and all the studs are mia/broken on both sides. Who knows what parts where used or their age/quality.

    So, what did the black car run? It seemed to be able to do a burnout in 1 attempt!

    BTW, I own 2 G-bodies, neither have wheels larger than 17 in. or have “NT” on the windows. 1 does have sever Power Tour stickers in the back window however.

  11. Lou_100x

    Great stuff! Perhaps you can follow up with a video of a bunch stanced-cars trying to exit a parking lot?
    Seriously, modifications that actually have a negative impact on the operation of the vehicle… Darwin was right.

  12. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Two wheels off my wagon and I’m still rolling along – driving a pile of shit Chevy and singing a stupid song…..

  13. Truth Hurts

    It is not fair to hold blacks to the same societal standards as human beings. We must accommodate their lack of human evolution.

  14. Rstat

    If anything is true after reading some of these replies, racism is alive and well. Very sad.

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