Watch Clay Millican Win His First NHRA National Event In Top Fuel – Overwhelming Emotions, Incredible Story

Watch Clay Millican Win His First NHRA National Event In Top Fuel – Overwhelming Emotions, Incredible Story

It was the most emotionally charged top fuel final round I have ever experienced in person and when Clay Millican charged down the track ahead of Leah Pritchett, the entirety of Bristol Dragway went berserk. There were tears flowing freely, there were people jumping up and down, and there was the realization that we had all seen one of the great drag racing stories of the last decade (or more) play out. Clay Millican had been trying for 19 years and more than 220 events to accomplish what he and his crew did on Sunday.

I got to know Clay as an IHRA announcer in the early 2000s. He was the most dominating force that the sanctioning body had ever seen, racking up half a dozen championships in top fuel and leveling pretty much everyone that got in his way. His team would pop over and try their hands at NHRA events from time to time in that period but their effort was on IHRA. After the landscape changed and Clay was competing full time on the NHRA tour, the world assumed that the Wallys would start to stack up for him hard and fast. They did not.

Clay Millican won in his 11th NHRA final round appearance. He won at the only race NHRA runs in his home state. He won at the track where the IHRA was founded and head quartered for ages. He won on Father’s Day while keeping the memory of his late son Dalton alive and close to him in various ways. He won with his wife Donna, who he has been with since freshman year of high school with him. He won with a single car team that operates out of a shop in team owner Doug Stringer’s back yard called “the nitro barn”.

Clay is an example of how to live your life. I don’t say that as a theory or a guess. I say that as someone who knows him and continues to be inspired by his strength, dignity, and positive attitude on life. He is truly one of the great guys in the world of motorsports, not just drag racing.

On a hot and muggy Sunday afternoon in Bristol, TN we all got reminded that sometimes good guys do finish first.

Press play below to see Clay Millican Win His First NHRA National Event –

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16 thoughts on “Watch Clay Millican Win His First NHRA National Event In Top Fuel – Overwhelming Emotions, Incredible Story

  1. Dave Pristasch

    Way overdue and couldn’t have happened to a greater man! Way to go Clay, kudos to your team and family. Chalk one up for the underdog team! Hope they keep coming for ya!

  2. ratty

    So awesome, no one is more deserving, and THE nicest guy around… So happy for Clay!!!!! Best thing that has happened in the NHRA in a long while…

  3. Singapore Hot Rod

    As a fresh first time father (my son is just 13 days old) reading this makes the tears flow. Congratulations to Clay and his family! Emotional overload for them I’m sure.

  4. Richard Lang

    Awesome happy for …you deserve it…\’s about damn time..been ruttin for you for years …. congrats …you da man

  5. gary

    fuck this piece of shit ask his punk ass if he wants another round with a real man doug herbert

    1. Gump

      Holy shit man, you need to go run into a fist somewhere with an ignorant comment like that.

    2. blowme

      Jeeze Gary, how did you find the time to take your lips off of Doug\’s cock to type this?

    3. Gary Perkinson

      Just for the record, here was Doug’s tweet after Clay’s win:

      “NO one is happier than I am to see my brother @ClayMillican win @NHRA on Father’s Day at MY favorite track @BristolDragway ! Congrats Bro!”

  6. Calvin. G

    I\’ve been watching NHRA for over 30 years this will be one of my best memories congratulations Clay !! Celebrate your victory

  7. Barry Rabotnick

    Have had the pleasure of meeting him several times. Really, really nice guy. A ell deserved and overdue win – – congrats!

  8. Rick Mason

    Been watching drag racing since 1960 and Clay\’s win is in the top 10 of fantastic and emotional finishes I\’ve witnessed!

  9. Jack

    I WAS DOING JUMPING JACKS IN MY LIVING ROOM AFTER WATCHING IT ON DVR LAST NIGHT! I\’ve been pulling for him for years – so happy to see his dream realized and what a race – Leah was no pushover!

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