In-Car Video: Watch Larry Larson Spin His Truck Out On Purpose After The ‘Chutes Get Tangled In Australia

In-Car Video: Watch Larry Larson Spin His Truck Out On Purpose After The ‘Chutes Get Tangled In Australia

As many of you may or may not know, Larry Larson is currently in Australia racing his truck and his iconic Nova as part of a weeks long stint at Willowbank Raceway. The transmission in the truck is currently being repaired so Larson is taking on all comers in the faithful Nova that he’s had for a few years now. Before the transmission issues, Larson had one wild ride in the truck! He knows the truck as well as anything he’s ever driven and his experience and familiarity come into play front and center during this video.

What we are going to see is Larson blast down the track and then pull the parachute handle. The parachutes deploy but then get tangled up, resulting in the S10 chewing up shut down area real estate in a quick fashion. Willowbank is not a short track but that car is beefy and the brakes were doing all they could do to haul Larry down. As you will see and hear Larson was working the brakes and then the truck began to hop, forcing him to come off the pedal and settle it down.

Despite the fact that the truck was rapidly slowing, Larry saw the sand coming and he did not want to put the car into it. His solution? Turn the wheel, whack the brakes, and spin the car out! He did it perfectly with the rear tire basically grazing the trap and the nose staying completely out of it. This is a great video of a driver reacting under pressure!

The best part of the whole video is the end when the in-car camera captures Larry pulling off his helmet and talking to his guys, explaining what happened and what he did to prevent a dirty mess. We’re not sure how many guys are capable of making this move as smoothly as Larry did but we know the fans at Willowbank got their money’s worth when they watched this!

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12 thoughts on “In-Car Video: Watch Larry Larson Spin His Truck Out On Purpose After The ‘Chutes Get Tangled In Australia

    1. Brian Lohnes Post author

      Clearly I was confused as well. LOL — Yeah it is the truck, just made the edit.

  1. Vinnie

    Sorry but that looks like the S10. The Nova has a lenco, and Larry was not shifting the trans. Plus the Nova has a factory dash and the S10 doesn’t, AND the rear window is very close to Larry because the S10 is a regular cab.

    1. Brian Lohnes Post author

      Vinnie, you are right. I just made the edit. I got confused because the truck is currently down but obviously this video was made a few days ago. My bad!

      1. Vinnie

        Thanks for the correction Sir, Im sure you have a ton of things to do. Still, You guys do a hell of a job keeping us informed !

    1. Gump

      \”…well I\’m not going to make the first one and I\’m like- there\’s a kangaroo over there!\” That shit is gold.

  2. ksj2

    IIRC Larry had a pic of the sand trap on his FB page and tagged Doug Cline.The fact that he put the truck in the sand even makes that pic even funnier.Great driving job LL

  3. Jon Lundberg

    Long, LONG time ago – before parachutes. I watched Lyle Fisher, do exactly that with the Speed Sport Roadster 1, as he approached the end of what is now the Mid Michigan Motorplex (the Central Michigan Dragway) in the suddenly brakeless race car at 150 MPH. Was then, and is now, a heart-stopper!

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