Jason Line and Greg Anderson Talk Pro Stock Testing, Challenges, And 2016

Jason Line and Greg Anderson Talk Pro Stock Testing, Challenges, And 2016

If there’s one team that everyone in the world of NHRA pro stock drag racing is paying attention to during winter testing it is the Summit Racing Equipment tandem of Greg Anderson and Jason Line. Like every other team they have been dealing with the cataclysmic changes to the class over the winter and again, like many others they have recently taken to the strip to see what their new combo will deliver for performance with its flat hood, vastly different air delivery system, electronic fuel injection, 10,500 rpm rev limiter, and modified wheelie bar. The good news? They are right there in the thick of things with the other cars that have been out this year. The bad news? They are racing in la la land winter Florida air at Bradenton. This will affect every team during the winter test but Line and Anderson can at least be comfortable in knowing that they have a piece that can content on paper.

Why is everyone hyper vigilant about the performance of this particular team? These were the guys getting upwards of 12,000 RPM out of their previous combo and were likely the ones that would take the rev limiter hit the hardest in the performance department. It seems that the manifold design that they brought to test was a good start for sure and that with further refinement there could be even more performance potential for the Summit car.

The guys over at the On All Cylinders blog caught up with the guys and asked them some really good questions about the journey in getting the car ready, what the pitfalls have been, and how they see things progressing. Knowing these guys some from the race track I can tell you that they gave some really good and honest answers to the questions. This is a great read.

Click here to read the whole interview with Line and Anderson – Pro Stock 2016


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6 thoughts on “Jason Line and Greg Anderson Talk Pro Stock Testing, Challenges, And 2016

  1. Drew

    Blah blah blah yahn!!!!!
    Just run pro mods and forget about these lame pro stock cars.
    We want blowers, nitrous and turbos.
    These pro stock cars come to the line and everyone will get up and go get something to eat or drink. Just like when the bikes and studder cars come up to the line.

  2. Joe Pakiela

    I would much rather watch nostalgia S/S. I’m old enough to remember when guys like the Ramchargers Sox and Matrtin Dick Brannen and the rest raced. NHRA should run heads up nostalgia classes. Just like the good old days SSA,SSB,SSC etc Would fill the stands

  3. Danno

    I agree with you Drew. Pro Stock cars are boring and a prime example of how the NHRA simply doesn’t get it anymore.

  4. Tom

    thanks guys for saying what I’ve been thinking for some time. Who cares if nitro cars go 3.8 or 4.8 or 5.896735789. this is stupid. I love NMCA, index racing, no studder, no tranny brakes, no b.s. The factories are back in Stock Eliminator, yea! NHRA is the same as NASCAR. A circus where money is spent stupidly

  5. jack

    happy the car started? these guys are playing there cards close to there chest. if there telling the truth, they can be reached at 1800MIDPACK this year.

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