SEMA 2018 : MAHLE Aftermarket Announced New H and V Series Coated Performance Bearings

SEMA 2018 : MAHLE Aftermarket Announced New H and V Series Coated Performance Bearings

While the shined up hot rods and show cars bring loads of attention at the 2018 SEMA Show, the reality is that parts and components are what this show is rooted in. MAHLE Aftermarket continues to be an industry leader in the realm of engine components and this year at the show they have debuted new coated high performance bearings for engines that are working very, very heard at full steam.

From coverage of the GM 200-229ci V6 to 2,500hp Cummins diesels, and hot rodded 6.2L LS and LT GM engines, the new products are a great boon for hot rodders. As the company has done so many times in the past, these bearings are an integration of full-on race technology for street use. The H-series bearings have us a fluoropolymer coating, the H-series use NASCAR technology to stand up to big loads, and the teflon coated cam bearings for LS and LT engines are designed to work with cars using increased spring pressures that ultimately place more load on the camshaft.

Here’s the full story from MAHLE!

MAHLE Aftermarket Announces New H and V Series Coated Performance Bearings

Farmington Hills, MI (October 30, 2018)…Clevite®, a leading brand under MAHLE Aftermarket, offers three new coated bearing applications for high horsepower engines designed to add durability and less distortion at higher RPM levels.

New stock options include a performance coated H-Series connecting rod bearing set for the GM 200-229 cid V6 (part #CB-1227HK). Previously available as a custom order, the new H-Series connecting rod bearing set features a fluoropolymer-based coating that adds protection in extreme hot and cold weather, reduces friction to fight dry starts, and ensures long-term durability with less wear for high load engines.

Clevite H-Series bearings, originally developed for NASCAR®,utilize a medium level of eccentricity, which helps keep rod housing bore deflection and deformation to a minimum. Additionally, high crush helps to ensure good heat transfer and resistance to rotation under minimum oil film conditions in the engine.

For enthusiasts competing in diesel drag and tractor pull competition, Clevite now offers V-Series bearings for the Dodge Cummins 5.9L with a performance coating (part # CB-1413VK and MS-2328VK), for engines that push 2,500 horsepower. The new performance coated bearings reduce friction and drag for increased horsepower and resist breakdown under high-load conditions.

Additionally, Clevite now offers a Teflon-based, performance-coated camshaft bearing set for the Generation V GM 6.2L V-8 small block (part #SH2231S) that may be used for high output boosted LT1 and LT4 engines that have increased valve spring pressures.

For more information on MAHLE Aftermarket Inc., visit For more information on Clevitebearings, contact your local sales representative. Tech support at the track and on the phone is available with all Clevite applications. To search for the new stock performance-coated H-Series engine bearings via MAHLE’s online catalog visit: or

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