New Parts: MAHLE Motorsport Introduces Ford EcoBoost 2.3L PowerPak Plus Piston Kit

New Parts: MAHLE Motorsport Introduces Ford EcoBoost 2.3L PowerPak Plus Piston Kit

Ford’s EcoBoost line of engines has really been a game changer over the years. Some people laughed when the company went all in using turbocharged smaller displacement engines more than a decade ago but the results have proven themselves. The growth of the line has seen a multitude of displacements over the years but the two that loads of performance enthusiasts are most familiar with these days are the 2.3L and 2.oL displacement four cylinders. These engines make awesome power from the factory and then when leaned on, only get better from there. Thankfully MAHLE Motorsport keeps an eye on this stuff and boy have they stepped up for the EcoBoost community.

Once you start making more horsepower and boost in one of these engines, the stock cast pistons are prone to failure and that means potential disaster lurks around every bend. MAHLE Motorsport is now offering a 4032 alloy PowerPak Plus Piston Kit for the 2.3L engine! Big news and and full story is below.

MAHLE Motorsport Introduces Ford EcoBoost 2.3L PowerPak Plus Piston Kit
Stronger, more durable piston option for heavy duty applications

Fletcher, NC, (January 11, 2022) – Now there’s a way to ensure more reliable power from EcoBoost powered 2.3L engines with the introduction of MAHLE Motorsport’s 4032 alloy Ford EcoBoost 2.3L PowerPak Plus Piston kit.Designed for heavy duty applications where the OE cast piston has been known to fail, MAHLE Motorsport has introduced a 4032 alloy option that not only adds much needed strength, but allows for a tighter piston to wall clearance for quieter cold startup.

MAHLE Motorsport’s 2.3L PowerPak kit is loaded with value-added features for reliable power production for any 2.3L EcoBoost engine. To help correct problems associated with the OE cast piston, MAHLE Motorsport manufactured this kit with a thick slipper skirt style forging and an enhanced OE crown design with increased radius for improved strength. Other special features include a heavy duty 0.200” wall thickness, H13 tool steel wrist pins, and a hard anodized top ring groove that is ideal for extreme duty applications. The pistons are engineered with thick 0.235” top and 0.200” second ring lands. These pistons are designed for OE 149.3 mm length connecting rods and OE 22.5mm Ø, wrist pins and an OE 32.8mm compression height. Valve pockets and depth accommodates both the 2.0L and 2.3L OE EcoBoost heads with a 9.5:1 compression ratio.

This new PowerPak Plus kit is available in 87.51mm (part #197937145) and 88.00mm (#197937165) bore sizes and includes a Nitrided steel 1.2mm top, 1.2mm second, 2.8mm oil ring set. The pistons are coated with MAHLE’s unique GRAFAL®anti-friction skirt coating and phosphate to prevent microwelding and pin galling.

For more information about MAHLE Motorsport’s Ford EcoBoost 2.3L 4032 alloy PowerPak Plus piston kit visit, or call MAHLE Motorsport toll free at 888-255-1942. To keep up with the latest from MAHLE Motorsports on social media, visit Facebook or Instagram or follow #mahlemotorsports.

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