Dual Threat: This 1978 Malibu Runs 8s And Is Also The Cleanest G-Body On The Planet

Dual Threat: This 1978 Malibu Runs 8s And Is Also The Cleanest G-Body On The Planet

We have to thank our always vigilant internet sleuth Rocco for sending along the listing for this most awesome fat tired drag car. You are looking at what might be the nicest 1978 Malibu on the planet and almost certainly the nicest one with a nitrous swilling big block and 8-second time slips to its name. This car is amazing and it has been in the same family up until a very short time ago. The story of how this sucker came to be the brutal beauty that it is speaks to the love true car people have for the automobiles in their life.

If you can believe this, the previous owner bought this 1978 Malibu brand new from a Chevy dealer in NY as a gift for his mom. The car was optioned to the moon and his mom drove it sparingly over the years before she died.

When she passed the son took the car and had it transformed into what you see here. Clearly not a buck was spared (or wasted) on this build. The nitrous-swilling Scott Shafiroff big block Chevy isn’t just “capable” of 8-second elapsed times, the time slips are included with the car! If you think it is cool that the seller has the time slips, he also has every piece of documentation about the car including the Protect-O-Plate that came with it, every maintenance record, receipt, dyno sheet, and more. Yes, the documentation is as meticulous as the build of the car!

The seller got the car after the previous owner passed away. That previous owner was the guy who bought the car for his mom originally. Amazing stuff and frankly we think the price is even on point. If you live in a state that it not garbage when it comes to registering cars, you could be street driving this thing in days.

Criagslist find: This 8-second 1978 Malibu is also the cleanest G-body on Earth 

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3 thoughts on “Dual Threat: This 1978 Malibu Runs 8s And Is Also The Cleanest G-Body On The Planet

  1. Tony Primo

    This car is sweet! Love the shot of the front wheels off the ground. I’m sure that you couldn’t build it on your own for any less coin.

  2. Piston Pete

    So Sweet! This is the car I wished every G-body I ever had would’ve become. Never came close but had fun trying.
    I’d be proud to own it. The exhaust system is so basic and simple, yet it’s turned out like jewelry. Nice, nice, nice.

  3. Danno

    Beautiful car! You would be hard pressed to build this car for 2X the asking price! Not so sure how streetable this thing is with a high compression 540 with aluminum rods. It would be entertaining to take this thing to my local CA DMV and try to register it.

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