Holley’s New Hemi Swap Parts For The Jeep TJ Just Made Your Homebuilt Hemi Jeep A Reality

Holley’s New Hemi Swap Parts For The Jeep TJ Just Made Your Homebuilt Hemi Jeep A Reality

The idea of stuffing a Gen III Hemi into a new Jeep is not something that became cool yesterday. It’s been a thing for a little while but it has been a bit of an adventure to actually complete the job. If you are an ace builder/fabricator than you simply made the parts and pieces yourself to complete the swap. If you are a mere mortal you might have taken your Jeep to one of those fabricator guys or you took it to a shop who could navigate the waters of about a half dozen suppliers to gather the correct things needed to do the job.

Thankfully Holley has taken the process and fixed it so you can do your own swap at home and do it using a group of precisely matched parts that they make themselves. Yes, Holley has just introduced a line of Jeep TJ Hemi swap parts that is about to make your homebuilt Hemi Jeep a reality.

Check out the major pieces of this puzzle below. How cool?!

The Gen III Hemi is quickly becoming the go-to swap platform for Mopar enthusiasts everywhere! Swap fanatics were frustrated with having to use parts from 5+ different suppliers to get the job done, that’s why Hooker Blackheart engineers have created a complete lineup to make the job a simple, bolt-on installation. Read on to learn more!
Gen III Hemi Engine Swap Mounts
These engine mounts work together with the stock skid plate / transmission crossmember to mount the transmission & stock NP231J transfer case. The Gen III Hemi 5.7L factory truck oil pan & accessory drive system are recommended for this swap (these parts come on the donor engine when using the 2003-2008 5.7L Hemi truck engine).
Transmission Adapter Brackets
This mounting bracket mounts the 545RFE transmission and transfer case to the factory skid pate. The stock skid plate is reused with this engine swap & this is a cost savings (no special transmission crossmember is needed for this engine swap). The mounting bracket is made from steel with a black powder coated finish.
Gen III Hemi Swap Headers & Y-Pipe
Add V8 Power and Torque to your 1987-2006 Jeep Wrangler with the Gen III Hemi Engine. The headers have 1-3/4 inch primary tubes, 2-1/2 inch collectors and are built from lightweight 304 stainless steel. The tube geometry and collector outlet positions are specifically designed for this application to maximize component compatibility, clearance and suspension travel. They work with Blackheart Y-pipe and engine mounting brackets to provide a simple engine swap solution.
The Blackheart Y-pipe is for 1987-2006 Jeep Wrangler with the Gen III Hemi engine. Built with 18 gauge 304 stainless steel for lightweight, strength and superior corrosion resistance. The inlets are 2-1/2 inch and connect directly to Blackheart headers for the same application. The 3-inch outlet provides excellent flow while still providing a high-tuck connection for clearance. The V-band connections and dual O2 bungs provide convenience and multiple mounting options for related accessories.
Steering Shaft Support Bracket
The Gen III Hemi engine is quite a bit wider than the stock 4.0L 6-cylinder engine, and the steering shaft gets into the headers on the driver’s side. This bracket bolts to the existing steering support bracket and relocates it for proper header clearance.

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One thought on “Holley’s New Hemi Swap Parts For The Jeep TJ Just Made Your Homebuilt Hemi Jeep A Reality

  1. Jalopy_J

    Nice parts for sure that’ll make that swap easier. I’d like to know how they’re actually getting a HEMI to run though in a TJ. Even if you swapped the whole engine, harness, and engine controllers, I would think there would be issues since the TJ is a JTEC controller and the HEMI is the newer NGC. I don’t see how the gauge cluster and any other computers would be happy about that. And the factory sentry key security system on the HEMI would have to be dealt with as the HEMI engine controller is going to want to see a programmed sentry key which a TJ often doesn’t have. I’ve long lusted about a HEMI swap, but have fretted over whether it could be made to place nice with the other computers, not over whether it could fit in the bay.

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