Mark Williams Leads The Way In Drag Racing Driveshaft Technology, Safety, and Engineering

Mark Williams Leads The Way In Drag Racing Driveshaft Technology, Safety, and Engineering

You KNOW how good Mark Williams Enterprises products are, right? You KNOW that they are famous for axles, transmission, and driveline parts. Did you know how awesome their driveshafts are? Between a plethora of materials to choose from, multiple ready-fit OEM applications, and innovative safety products, no one can touch Mark Williams when it comes to drag racing and driveshafts.

Below you will see a lot of information not only about their driveshaft products but also a load of links that will take you to informative stories that should aid in making the right driveshaft choices for your application. We love the driveshaft loop that’s basically a cage which bolts to the center section of the rear axle and eliminates the traditional system which requires you car to be either drilled into or welded on to complete the driveshaft loop. The center-section bolt on solution rules.

Check out the information below!

Drag Racing’s Largest Driveshaft Selection

• 1350 & 1480 Series • 3” to 4” Diameter • Most are certified to meet SFI 43.1 spec
Aluminum (7075 & 6061) • Carbon FiberChromolyMild Steel
Each and every driveshaft – from the economical MasterLine mild steel shaft to sophisticated carbon fiber models – benefits from the very same manufacturing steps: custom made to your exact requirements, precision phased to assure smoothness, dynamically balanced to G30 specifications, and complete with universal joints.

In addition to our traditional racing driveshafts, MW offers a one-piece 7075 aluminum slip-joint driveshaft for the awesomely powerful Mustang GT500 (p/n MWS-500) and a two-piece solution for the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat (p/n MWS-600).

Match your driveshaft to the best transmission yoke on the market.  All MW yokes are manufactured from through-hardened 4140 alloy steel, CNC machined to reduce any unnecessary weight, shot peened for extra strength, and feature a special o-ring sealed plug to eliminate leaks. These yokes have a slender ear profile that reduces both rotating inertia and ear deflection. This also helps to maintain u-joint preload and shaft balance accuracy. Additionally, the Reduced Mass yokes are shot peened to guard against stress crack propagation.

Innovative Driveshaft Safety Loop

This device attaches directly to the differential thirdmember eliminating tubular structures that attaches to the chassis. The front section loop is removable by four retaining bolts allowing easy drive shaft removal. The open design allows removal of the rear universal retaining bolts that are impossible to remove with enclosed tube designs. Constructed from 4130 material this satisfies the NHRA rule requirements for a “retainer loop 360 degrees of enclosure”. Available for 9″ Ford (p/n 57625) and MW 11″ (p/n 90725).

MWE has been at the forefront of rear end component technology in drag racing for more than 50 years. Our professional technical representatives are here to help. Browse our online technical help section or contact us with any questions.
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