Reliability Guaranteed! Mark Williams Warranties Gears Against Breakage For 2 Years With 11″ Rear End!

Reliability Guaranteed! Mark Williams Warranties Gears Against Breakage For 2 Years With 11″ Rear End!

If we didn’t know Mark Williams or understand the products that the company which bears his name produces we would think that the guy was a complete lunatic for placing a two year warranty on the gears which fill his 11″ rear ends. These are components designed to take the abuse of thousands of horsepower in funny cars, dragsters, pro mods and more. It is like placing a safety guarantee on a bunker that you know an airplane is going to drop bombs on. You either know the thing can take it or you don’t. Mark Williams knows that the thing can take it and the design, manufacture, and engineering has been proven not only in the shop but in the field of drag racing battle.

Check out the full story below. This is about the most awesome warranty and product confidence statement we have ever seen. Bad to the bone!

Here’s the full scoop from Mark Williams Enterprises – This is awesome.


MW 11″ Modular with Steel 4-link Brackets
Got lots of power and tired of “feeding” ring & pinion gears to your race car? Get an MW 11″ rear end and say “goodbye” to expensive parts attrition. Compare the purchase price and annual operating expenses of MW’s 11″ rears versus other options on the market, and you’ll be amazed at the overall savings.
CNC machined to assure perfect alignment and optimum internal efficiency, MW’s 11″ modular rear ends help you transfer maximum power to the ground. It’s ideally suited for:

•  Pro Mod, Pro Boost, High HP Outlaw, etc.
•  Top Alcohol Dragster and Funny Car
•  Nitro Nostalgia, Top Fuel, and Funny Car
•  Or any car that needs a bitchin’ strong rear

So, if you have serious horsepower thanks to blowers, turbos, and nitro-methane, MW can help you harness it.

•  Available with 2.91, 3.20, 3.89, 4.10, 4.29, 4.57, 4.71, & 5.83 ratio gears
•  Custom ratios available (minimum order of two sets)
•  Modular design facilitates use in many applications
•  Solid or Pro 4-link mount with centers as narrow as 17″

Industry-Leading 9″ Ford Modular Rear Ends

•  Light weight and super strong
•  Superior internal efficiency (less drag)
•  Modular convenience (easy upgrade)
•  Solid or 4-link mounts, flange or full-floater
•  Also available with steel tubes (use any mount)

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