NEW PRODUCT: Holley Introduces Revolutionary Mid-Mount LS Accessory Drive – No Brackets!

NEW PRODUCT: Holley Introduces Revolutionary Mid-Mount LS Accessory Drive – No Brackets!

Leave it to Holley to keep the ball rolling on the ease of LS swaps. The company has introduced a new Mid-Mount LS accessory drive that is clean, compact, and actually uses no brackets. Seriously, this thing does not use the normal assortment of mounting brackets. Instead it has a specially engineered water pump that acts as the mounting hub for the entire system. In effect, the water pump becomes every bracket you are normally used to messing with.

This mid mount system is the third option released by Holley as they already offer a high and low mount solution as well. For a long time people have been scrounging wrecking yards to find accessory drives that will allow their stuff to fit and look clean in whatever vehicle they happen to be swapping late model GM horsepower into. Now Holley has allowed you to skip the wrecking yard and use a system that’ll fir the right time, every time.

Here’s the story from Holley – MAKE SURE TO WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW!

Holley Mid-Mount Complete Accessory Systems pull all the accessories for your GM LS engine in tighter than ordinary accessory drives for a clean, compact look. At the heart of it is the revolutionary “bracketless” design (patent pending), where all accessories attach directly off the water pump for an integrated look that shows off your horsepower – not your accessories. The system will work on all standard wet sump, non-factory supercharged GM LS engines. The Mid-Mount drive completes Holley’s trilogy of accessory solutions with this third option, following the previously released High and Low-Mount systems. It brings everything together perfectly and contains everything you need in a single system: a water pump, A/C compressor, alternator, power-steering pump and reservoir, crank damper, and all the belts and pulleys for a fast, easy installation. Even heater-hose adapters, a power steering to -6 AN hardline, and alternator plug/harness are included.

Two systems are available – a standard version and a premium version. The premium comes complete with dress-up pulley covers and an SFI-certified damper. Holley pairs this damper with a billet 6061-T6 aluminum hard-anodized pulley. Both systems feature the all-new Holley-designed alternator, which employs hairpin/square wire, 6-phase technology recently debuted on C7 Corvettes. The cartridge-style water pump makes serviceability simple and also has C7 ties. The compact, reliable SD7 A/C compressor and Type II P/S pump with a baffled reservoir are also integrated. The only differences on the standard model is the deletion of the pulley covers and the pulley/damper, which is OE-style. Holley partnered with an OE supplier to develop a custom crank assembly just like the original pulley/damper that came from the factory.

See detailed product information for the Holley Mid-Mount Complete Accessory System.

See detailed product information for the premium version of the Holley Mid-Mount Complete Accessory System.


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6 thoughts on “NEW PRODUCT: Holley Introduces Revolutionary Mid-Mount LS Accessory Drive – No Brackets!

  1. Daza

    NFG only a 6pk belt needs a minimum 8pk should be 10 pk. Stock uses 6pk alternator, PS and water pump. AC uses 4pk. Even if it pulls tight enough not to squeak with the AC on it will probably need changing every service.

    1. Jase

      Are you referring to the width of the belt? Up until Now I have only played with V belts… and sounds like I will stay there, but I would like to understand more about the modern systems…?

      1. Daza

        Yes I was talking about belt widths. PK refers to the number of little v sections in the belt as the standard sizing system goes. Serpantine is the way to go but like V belts if you put to much through them they squeak and wear out.

    2. Ollie

      6 rib belts have tub complete accessory drives for decades. Including supercharged applications. You don\’t know what you\’re talking about. This is a very nice setup.

  2. Gazoo

    Clever. But spending $3000 on a belt drive setup for your $800 junkyard engine doesn’t seem like good swap value to me.

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